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Champagne ghost of Brooklyn New York

Do ghosts still haunt this old neighborhood?
Do ghosts still haunt this old neighborhood?
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The Brooklyn Memorial Hospital for Women and Children once occupied the two old fashion houses at 1445 and 1447 Pacific Street in Brooklyn, New York while a new hospital building on Classon Avenue was under construction. No man was allowed in the place except the old janitor who was off duty at 6:00 P.M. It was therefore determine that the ghost which haunted the house at 1447 Pacific Street was in the form of a woman.

The haunted house was at one time the homestead of the Singer Family. It stood on a knoll, high above the street, and at one time had a wide plaza across the front and a broad hall through the middle. It was used as the main building of the hospital and contained the office and rooms of the superintendent, Martha Black, and the house physician, Harriet Knott.

When they moved to the location, in 1894 (after the hospital had burned) the old house had been vacant for quite some time. There had been many eerie stories about midnight hauntings by supernatural revelers. Miss Black knew nothing of this until one of the nurses told her she had seen a ghost. The patients began to lay wide awake to watch, and the attendants became afraid at the slightest strange sound.

The last occupant of the house was a former actress whose real name was not known. She was a beautiful woman who had retired from the stage to live in luxury and merriment. In a strange contrast to her manner of life, she always was seen dressed in black.

The house was furnished in style. The walls of her boudoir, later the superintendent’s room, were hung with mirrors on all sides. There were bells with wires running to every room. On the top floor was a large billiard hall. The dining room was the scene of many dinners where wine flowed freely.

Such a life was too much for the actress. She began to drink deeply, always champagne, and finally died of delirium tremors, with a champagne glass in her hand.

An old coachman remained on the property for several years as the sole occupant. Not being seen by the neighbors for several weeks, the police entered one day and discovered his decomposed body lying in the hallway. He had been stricken with heart disease.

The old coachman rests quietly, but the ghost of the actress, dressed in her black gown with a champagne glass in her hand, still haunted the house. At midnight, on certain anniversaries, she clicked glasses with unseen guests, the ice rattled in the wine, and corks were heard to pop. At daybreak, when the spirited party broke up, she sipped a farewell drink and vanished.

All this was vouched for by the nurses who heard the social sounds during the long night watches, and once the woman in black was seen to drink a glass of champagne and then pass through a closed door.

Miss Black said, “I don’t believe in ghosts one bit and though I have hunted and watched for the mysterious woman said to live here with us, I have never been able to see her. My room is the former mirrored boudoir, but the lady of the champagne has never ventured into it."

Despite Miss Black’s skepticism, the nurses positively confirmed that the clinking of glasses by the partying spirits were actual occurrences. One would have to wonder if modern day residents of the building still experience any paranormal activity. This is now a private residence so please respect their privacy.

Haunted Places Examiner: Debe Branning

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