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Challengers line-up for new NWA champion Conway

The Cauliflower Alley Club is an historic organization comprised of many stars from the world of professional wrestling. Their annual convention is a place to gather and share stories, for old friends to catch up and for new friendships to be formed. Though the CAC already has its share of history the 49th Annual Convention has a new historical achievement, hosting an NWA World Heavyweight Championship title match between “Ironman” Rob Conway and Satoshi Kojima.

Though "Ironman" Rob Conway is now a two time NWA World Heavyweight Champion, the number of challengers is endless.
CAC with permission

Kojima had beaten Conway for the coveted 10 Pounds of Gold in January at the “Wrestle Kingdom 8” New Japan Pro Wrestling event in the Tokyo Dome. The wrestling world and many in the NWA were shocked when Kojima won the title, some of the disbelief coming from a lack of knowledge about just who Kojima is.

Satoshi Kojima is one of the most talented and decorated wrestlers to come out of Japan as a former six-time IWGP Tag Team Champion as well as being the first wrestler to hold the IWGP Heavyweight Championship along with the All-Japan Pro Wrestling Triple Crown Championship. All-in-all Kojima has been a 16 time World Champion, with the NWA World Heavyweight Championship being his latest accomplishment.

During a busy week in the states for Kojima, in which he successfully defended the NWA World Heavyweight Championship against Jeremiah Plunkett. Damien Wayne and Houston Carson, Kojima finally squared off against Conway at the CAC reunion in what has been described as an “incredible match” between the two.

At the conclusion of the match “Ironman” Rob Conway once again had his hand raised and became a two time NWA World Heavyweight Champion.

“I am literally living the dream, being the NWA champion, there is no better feeling,” Conway said. “That moment the referee hit the mat for the three that was magical.”

Conway will have little time to rest or enjoy his latest victory because there are already challengers calling out the champion.

“It’s time, I want my shot,” said veteran Cueball Carmichael. “Conway ducked me the last time he had the title but not this time.”

“I will face anyone who wants to step into the ring against me,” Conway added. “I will walk out the same way I walked in, as the NWA World Heavyweight Champion.”

“Bruce Tharpe has to make this match, the NWA has to make this match,” Carmichael growled. “I don’t care where it happens but it has to happen, it is going to happen and Rob Conway will find out what it feels like to not just get hit by a Mack truck but to be run over.”

As Carmichael was throwing out his challenge so too is the current NWA National Heavyweight Champion Phil “Nitro” Monahan. “I am the National champion, I should be getting the next title shot, I am the number one contender not only by tradition but because I am the best out there,” Monahan said. “I should get the shot first over anyone else and when I do, I will be the NWA National Heavyweight Champion as well as the NWA World Heavyweight Champion.”

Also making his intentions known is former National Heavyweight Champion Lou Marconi, who has had an intense feud with Monahan over the last several months, often with the title changing hands when they square off. “Who better to be the NWA World Champion than the ‘World’s Most Interesting Wrestler’ Lou Marconi?” Marconi smiled with a mischievous grin. “I don’t often hate people but when I do it’s Phil ‘Nitro’ Monahan,” he lamented.

Not to be outdone by anyone, Damien Wayne has also stated he wants what should have been his months ago when Adam Pearce and Colt Cabana virtually vacated the title and left it laying in the middle of a ring in Australia. “Everyone knows I should have been the champion and everyone knows I should have had my shot at that belt long before now,” Wayne stated angrily. “I don’t know if the NWA fears me, if the champions fear me or what the hell it is but I do know this, everyone fears me one way or another. I want my damn title and neither Rob Conway nor the NWA is going to stop me from getting what I want.”

In a strange twist Marconi and Carmichael are members of The Fold, one of the most fearsome groups in wrestling with Pat Cusick, Sean Denny and new member The Human Predator while Nitro and Wayne are part of the L.O.K. with members Lance Erickson, Gideon Malice and Eric Darkstorm. Wayne and Erickson are one of the most successful tag teams not only on the indies or in the NWA but in all of wrestling and currently hold no less than four different tag team championships simultaneously. The Fold and The L.O.K. have seen their feud cross several NWA promotions including NWA CIW, NWA WWW, NWA Appalachia, NWA SAW and even to NWA Houston.

As the heat of the summer begins to reach its apex, the NWA and the exposition for the World Heavyweight Championship is just being written.

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