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Challenge - Not So Much

The 2014 Star and Stripes Winner long with Lilly their award winning horse
The 2014 Star and Stripes Winner long with Lilly their award winning horse
Stars and Stripes Therapy

Today is the opening day of the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo you may have already missed one of the best horse shows of the year. Several years ago President and General Manager W.R Watt Jr. instituted a horse show that was strictly for people with disabilities. And thus, the Chisholm Challenge was born and is now held the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of the week that the Stock Show starts.

In this year’s show as in all previous years the people competing are doing so with the exact same criteria as any other horse show that will happen during the Show. They are judged just like everybody else. They are not given a “re-do” or special consideration. These contestants have trained all year long for these three days and it showed. It may have been a challenge, but you would never have known it.

The “Challenge” was to do the competition just like the American Quarter Horse competition will be or the Appaloosas will be or even the mules and donkeys will be. But there is a major difference in the competitors. They have not and will not let their disability slow them down or stop them. They may win a first place buckle or just a hug from Mom and Dad and a Trainer who knows where they started on the road to this show and knows exactly what they have accomplished to get here. Either way, you cannot replace the smiles and the giggles and the accomplishments that these men and women of all ages have achieved.

I ask you as to go the Fort Worth Stock Show and you see a person who is in a wheelchair or have a disability, to please realize that they have accomplished a lot to be part of the Original Indoor Rodeo. They may not walk bow-legged down the aisles as the professional cowboys do. They may not be able to verbally tell you of what this has meant, but you will be able to tell in their eyes and the unmistakable smile on their face.

Each and every one of them is a winner and they have chosen to not let their disability stop their life in any way. If you have a son or daughter or maybe you have a disability yourself and you would like to know more about this incredible event and how to be a participant write me today and I will put you in touch of the very capable and very talented trainers that are near you who teach these people and you that that you can do it! At the bottom of this article is a place for you to contact me. I would be honored to help you or your loved one be a part of this endeavor.

Take it from me – I am in a wheelchair and I am not about to let my disability stop me from riding or competing or doing the things I know in my heart and spirit that I can.

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