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Challah is a traditional bread of Judaism with an exquisite appearance and taste

Alaina Kaus

Challah (pronounced HAH-lah) is a traditional bread of Judaism. Usually prepared for the Sabbath and other Jewish holidays (except Passover), Challah celebrates God’s bounty and generosity.

Traditionally, the dough is cut into three rope-like strands and braided, making for an absolutely stunning presentation. Out of all the beautiful breads in the world (yes, bread is beautiful), Challah is unarguably one of the most exquisite.

This braiding technique is not nearly as difficult as it may seem, and no one should be deterred from its attempt. If the strands do not seem to be cooperating after the dough has been divided, simply let the strands rest for an additional 10-15 minutes before trying again. This resting period will allow the gluten to relax, creating a more “workable” dough.

The end result is well worth the process of making Challah. Cutting into its glossy braid will reveal a golden-toned inside that is delicately sweet and just as exquisite in taste as its outside is in appearance.

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  • Pauline 5 years ago

    Bread is one of the best foods. This sounds divine.

  • Eric 5 years ago

    Challah is delicious and fun to make. If you don't have the time, you can order it online at
    Thank you

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