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ChaiseFitness Interview with Rachel Piskin

Rachel Piskin of ChaiseFitness
Rachel Piskin of ChaiseFitness

Are you looking for a fun new workout in 2014? Definitely put ChaiseFitness on your list for a new, dynamic and FUN workout! Former ballerina Rachel Piskin founded ChaiseFitness with her mother in 2012 and it's all the rage. Continue reading my interview with Rachel to learn more and how to sign up for class!

Have you always had a love for dance?

As long as I can remember dance was apart of my life. I joined New York City Ballet at the age of 16 years old, after having been performing as a child with the company since I was 7 years old. Music, movement, and performing have always been second nature to me, and has continued to fuel my various passions in life.

What is the hardest part about being a ballerina?

I think the hardest part about being a ballerina is the stress and impact your body takes on a daily basis.

When did you launch ChaiseFitness?

ChaiseFitness was created by my mother, Lauren Piskin, and I in March 2012- from my background as a professional ballerina with New York City Ballet combined with her 30 plus years of professional experience in fitness and her former career as a competitive figure skater we created various programming and classes to transform the body in a safe and effective way.

How did you come up with the concept/exercise format behind ChaiseFitness?

Born out of years of my mom's professional experience and refined by my ballet career, the Reinvention Method is a true collaboration. Infused with elements of Pilates, ballet and aerobics with the addition of the overhead bungees, it creates long lean muscles, increases flexibility and ultimately transforms the body to the best it can be.

What a ballet move that anyone can do at home?

Pliés are a classic ballet move anyone can do at home that sculpt the lower body while activating your abdominals. You can vary the degree of difficulty by changing your positions and changing where you perform them. To engage your core and work on balance try pliés without holding on to anything, if you need more support hold on to your counter or kitchen chair.

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