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Chairs to furnish the decor in the abode's living room

When decorating the living room in the home, whether traditional or contemporary, one often immediately thinks sofa or sectional first. Smaller living rooms or very large living rooms can achieve a beautiful decor by using chairs to complement or even replace a sofa.

Using chairs can create a unique decor
Using chairs can create a unique decor
using a variety of chairs will add interest to the decor
Carol Ruth Weber, SFGate

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A cozy sitting area can be made by replacing a sofa with comfy chairs.

If the living room is actually a cozy small area to entertain it could be a nice change of pace to decorate with four chairs positioned around a coffee table.

  • Use swivel barrel chairs and a round table for a contemporary look.
  • Rolled arm chairs will lend to a traditional decor.

An extra large living room requires more than one sitting area.

Large living rooms need to be split up into conversation areas. Chairs are a great way to add an private sitting area or game spot in a large living room.

  • Sofas can flank the fireplace while a couple of chairs with a table between them can serve as a nestled conversation area by a window or piano.
  • Instead of sofas facing each other or in an 'L' shape, trade one sofa for two oversized chairs. then use small frame chairs on an angle on either side of the fireplace.
  • Place a small game table with two chairs behind a sofa instead of a console table.
  • Place one or two chairs facing each other on both sides of the couch with a large coffee table in the center.

Dining room chairs can be used in the living room as well.

Downsizing often results in losing a formal dining room. If you have a few loved dining chairs you may be able to use them with the living room decor. Spaces that are a tight fit can benefit from a lovely smaller dining room sized chair.

  • Use upholstered dining chairs instead of a love seat next to a sofa.
  • Lovely dining arm chairs will look beautiful angled by a fireplace or window.

Chairs that are higher and with arms work well when decorating for a senior who needs better support to get in and out of the sitting position. Decorating the living room with chairs lends to a versatile and interesting decor that goes beyond the couch and loveseat that is usually the norm.

Step outside of your comfort zone with new decor ideas. Never be afraid to dance!

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