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Chainsaw in the neck: How man survived chainsaw blade in neck

A chainsaw in the neck sounds a lot worse than a pain in one. A tree trimmer in Pittsburg suffered the extreme case of this and was fortunate enough to survive it!

21-year-old James Valentine is recovering a Allegheny General Hospital after having surgery. He was rushed to the hospital following an accident trimming a tree in Ross Township on Monday afternoon. While he was working with a chainsaw, it somehow penetrated his neck. Another worker assisted him down the tree and all of his co-workers knew it was best to leave the saw in place so it would reduce bleeding.

How did Valentine not die from this horrible incident? Doctors say since the saw missed major arteries and only cut into muscle that he was able to live.

Anyone who encounters a chainsaw in the neck would mostly likely die instantly. An X-ray shows the chainsaw stuck in Valentine's body. It's truly a miracle he'll live to tell about this.

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