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Chainsaw in neck: 21-year-old lucky to be alive after chainsaw cuts his neck

A man survived a chainsaw in his neck after the chainsaw he was using kicked back and cut him. James Valentine, 21, was cutting a tree at work (he's an employee at a tree service in Pittsburgh) when the incident happened. He was cutting at an odd angle to "avoid power lines" when the chainsaw kicked back. On April 2, MSN reported that the chainsaw narrowly missed a vital artery and that Valentine is lucky to be alive.

"Valentine had emergency surgery at Allegheny General Hospital. Doctors say the saw missed major arteries and instead cut into muscle. The hospital Tuesday released an X-ray showing the saw still in the 21-year-old's neck," reports MSN.

The chainsaw in neck x-ray is really something you have to see. His doctor says that the chainsaw mainly hit muscle, soft tissue, and skin, and that he was extremely lucky that nothing else was injured in the freak, frightening accident. Valentine says that the pain that he experienced was the worst he'd ever experienced -- but he's grateful to have his life nonetheless.

More on this story in the video above.

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