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Chains of Karma returns

Chains of Karma returns
Chains of Karma returns
Cinematic Detailing

The independent urban drama Chains of Karma will return online tomorrow night, May 25, at 9:00 PM. As with most endeavors involving the ideas of a number of people, matters of creative differences had to be ironed out before the producers could proceed.

As explains Dre Otis, Sr., one of the founders of the production company Cinematic Detailing “Basically it all came down to funding and creative ideas clashing. Plus the fact we do have to work and have families.”

As Dre continues, “ At this point in the revival of Chains of Karma the vision and mission is clear on what we have to do.”

Offline now since its last episode appeared six months ago, Chains of Karma will resume where it left off, with the original cast members. As you may recall, this series presents the gritty day to day of inner city life in the D (Detroit). If this is your first introduction to the series, the first two episodes can still be found online.

But be cautioned: As this is a web-series, it is not constrained by the same restrictions imposed on television and radio. The language is coarse with a heavy use of the F-word and N-word used throughout.. If strong sexual content, language, violence, use of tobacco and drugs offends you this web-series may not be for you, But Cinematic Detailing has a very distinct market in mind. With this set up it's plain that they are going to be" keeping it real." (Think the Wire). The FCC be damned.

Dre continues, “ Our ideas for the series will hopefully catch the eye of a internet TV network or any other. We would love to have distribution eventually which is why we are releasing Chains of Karma episodes 1&2 on DVD along with bloopers, trailers, and other surprises. It will be free and passed out around the metro Detroit area."

Although this is only the third episode of the series, Chains of Karma has inspirited other directions at which its cast members are looking. Says Dre, “We are also getting clothing items to sale to all interested parties. Our film company started by myself, Laronn Nunnally, KB Stokes, and Daniel will be starting our special event film teams. We are open to all filming needs and for cheap. So Chains of Karma is here to stay and filming has been underway for about a month now. A trailer has been released on YouTube under Chains of Karma The War Begins. Be sure to check it out.” For a group of enterprising individuals, this is just a beginning.