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Chain saw in the neck: Tree trimmer's X-ray reveals near miss of artery

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If there was a list for the top ten bad days at work, a tree trimmer from Pittsburgh would surely hover around the number one spot. James Valentine was at work trimming trees in Ross Township when a chain saw blade struck him in the neck, according to USA Today on April 2.

Valentine was up in a tree when this happened and another worker helped him down. The chain saw blade remained in his neck, as his coworkers thought this would limit the bleeding.

An X-ray of the chain saw blade shows how deep this object embedded in his neck. It was removed during surgery at the Allegheny General Hospital.

The saw blade missed the 21-year-old’s major arteries, but it did cut into a muscle in his neck. Adler Tree Service owner Dominic Migliozzi, the company that Valentine works for, called this rescue nothing short of “amazing.”

Although the blade cut deep into Valentine’s neck, miraculously it missed a major artery. If the blade had cut the artery there may have been a much different outcome to this story.