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Chagrin Valley Review

The concept of Chagrin Valley Soap began with a simple longing. The missus wanted a hobby which was at least as interesting and as creative as the mister. He did wood work and she settled on making soap. This evolved into a family business.

Chagrin Valley Soap
Chagrin Valley Soap
Chagrin Valley Soap

For Chagrin Valley Soap, the mission and goal are simple;

To make all natural skin care products with nothing artificial, nothing synthetic, no GMO’s, just wholesome ingredients you can trust.

We have sampled a couple of Chagrin Valley Soap products, which we have taken right to. The first was the Whipped Shea Body Butter (Vanilla Bean) and it is delightful. The aroma is very faint. However, considering the essence, there is also a slightly bitter aroma if you stick your nose too far into the jar.

Yeah, dog's do it. But, we will refrain from now on.

That bitter unpleasantness is not strong and seems to disappear upon skin contact. The texture of the balm is pleasant and spread-ability is executed without a real expenditure of effort.

We also had the pleasure of sampling the Whipped Squalane Mousse, which is a face and eye moisturizer and has a slight, but pleasant aroma. The instructions are to dab the mousse around the eyes and to dot particular parts of your face. Then, massage the mousse into the skin.

Gathering from past experiences, we expected this to be a greasy and unpleasant series of events. However, this was not the case. Where did this thinking come from? It was actually pleasant.

The packaging for these items are attractive too. There are no superfluous boxes to house the jars. At least, the ones that we received didn't have any and this is a good thing. Just think about how much paper is generated with every pharmaceutical purchase. It's overkill. Do we really need a second circular of information, three receipts of the same transaction and a mini-font version of the daily news for our large, metropolitan cities? No. "Could I just have the medicine, please?"

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