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Chael Sonnen: Steroids!?

Chael Sonnen was slotted to fight Wanderlei Silva, and Silva failed his drug tests.

They restructured, and Chael was slotted to fight Vitor Belfort.

"It's a tougher fight. One, because Wanderlei is terrible, and two, because Vitor is not."
- Chael Sonnen

Now, it seems Chael himself has tested positive for banned substances.

Chael, however, sets the record straight with three key points:

1) Recently, TRT was deemed illegal, and as a result he, and many other fighters have had to ween themselves off via replacement drugs which block estrogen (for health reasons)

2) Chael was very upfront about his usage of these weening drugs, and had removed himself from fighting until his transition to a TRT-free self could be made

3) They tested Chael and found no lingering traces of the substances and he began training for his Wanderlei fight - however a more strict test found traces of the substances Chael had been honest about taking were, in fact, still in his system.

To sum it up, he was taking a legal substance, that substance's status was changed to illegal, he honestly and healthfully transitioned off the substance with two other doctor-approved, non-performance-enhancing drugs, and trace amounts of those drugs were found in his system.

"Why was it in my system? Because I took it! I’ve been taking it, and I had to take it because you guys (NSAC) changed the rules."
- Chael Sonnen

Is Chael telling the truth? Comment below, let me know!

For a full audio recording of the story, click here

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