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Chael Sonnen released as UFC and FOX Sports analyst

According to a June 30 report from, Chael Sonnen's time as a UFC and FOX Sports analyst has come to an end, following the confirmation that he failed two drug tests conducted by the Nevada Athletic Commission for banned substances last month. Sonnen, 37, announced his retirement from the UFC after news broke that he failed the first drug test.

Chael Sonnen is no longer an analyst for the UFC and FOX Sports
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Dana White and the UFC were very forgiving and understanding following the news of his first failed drug test, but the second failed test has cost him his job. While failing a drug test related to MMA shouldn't affect his broadcasting or fight analysis, the UFC and FOX Sports obviously want to promote a clean image. They don't want the UFC's image to be tarnished by someone who was busted for banned substances.

Sonnen was expected to fight Wanderlei Silva at UFC 175, but getting busted for banned substances led to him getting booted from the card. White was very forgiving when Sonnen was caught with anastrozole and clomiphene in his system, as those drugs were essentially medication for him coming down from TRT. In the past, Sonnen was approved to use TRT.

Since TRT was banned almost overnight, Sonnen argued that he needed anastrozole and clomiphene to help him ease off from it. That explanation seemed good enough for White, as he accepted his retirement from MMA without dismissing him as a UFC broadcaster. However, things quickly went downhill when Sonnen was busted for more banned substances.

It was confirmed by FOX Sports that Sonnen tested positive for human growth hormone (HGH) and recombinant human erythroprotein (EPO), in addition to the aforementioned substances. That said, the UFC and FOX Sports clearly want to distance themselves from Sonnen. Luckily for the former UFC star, he has banked a considerable amount of cash from his 15 years of MMA competition.

Sonnen competed over three dozen times in the cage, banking over a million dollars along the way. His exceptional skills on the mic should also help him notch another broadcasting job sometime in the near future. Bellator or World Series of Fighting might like to bring him on board, as he's clearly a talented analyst. Sonnen is also still expected to go on with the plan of competing at Metamoris 4.

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