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Chad Johnson (not the football player) can help you develop your style

He goes travels to you, works with your personality to find comfortable wardrobe pieces. Just ask Lamar Miller and Marcus Thigpen
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Chad Johnson, can help Miami men develop their sense of style and possibly save money at the mall by investing in custom tailored suits and dress shirts. A native of the "305", he truly loves his work and approaches life with a mantra of "look good, feel good, PLAY GOOD!". He and clothier Tim Brown (also not the football player), dress elite professionals in the NBA, NFL and UFC but also regular working professionals. He answered some questions on Men's Style for examiner:

1. As a custom clothier, describe to men why a custom made shirt or suit is a worthwhile investment compared to one bought in a department store.

The difference between a "bespoke" suit/shirt to an "off the rack" suit/shirt has so many differences. It's not that off-the-rack suits are the equivalent of plastic bags and custom-made suits are recyclable canvas, but the difference is that off-the-rack is put together by machines on an assembly line, whereas each custom-made suit will be overseen by a real live person. There's an attention to detail that we make sure can't be matched. A customer can choose the fabric that is going to be used, the inner lining, the stiching, the number of buttons, the style of the button, the color of the stiching, the possibilities are endless. We make the suit with you spending time with you to configure YOUR personality and YOUR style so that the clothes that you present yourself with represent YOUR personality. The suit keeps it shape throughout its life as opposed to an off-the-rack because we use canvas in the interior of the suit which molds to your body. Bespoke suits not only fit perfectly to the particular contours of your body, they also accentuate your best features while masking the ones that you'd prefer to keep hidden. An off-the-rack suit won't provide that to a customer.

2. What are some style mistakes you see guys make when you are out at social events or running errands?

One of the biggest mistakes that I see men doing now is to wear a suit jacket whether they are in an office or they are out on the town and the jacket is too small. The "short jacket length" has become a trend that people have begun to wear because to them it feels like a great fit. It doesn't do the body justice because it gives the illusion that it is too short and makes the individual look as if they bought a jacket fit for a shorter person. A saying I like to use is "cover your butt"--make sure the jacket reaches and covers your butt and lays between the knuckles of your thumb lengthwise. Also men do not have fun with their sense of style. Style involves more than having a well bespoke suit to fit you wonderfully, it involves a sense of adventure, color and personality. Showing some personality with your socks is something I love to do and many guys should do the same like a funky pocket square. Its all about fun.

3. What are some good style choices you see men make?

I see guys put together good outfits when they meet with me. I talk with them about what they like and I am able to match their personality with the outfit they are wearing (This person likes to have fun and show they are outgoing so they won't have a tie on and have their top button undone, another is about having fun but wants to be taken seriously so the tie will be pulled to the top or tie clip clipped firmly). Another is shoes--shoes have a right and wrong time to be worn (You don't want to be at a social event wearing $500 wingtips which make you look as if you came from an accounting meeting). Pack a great pair of loafers to change into so you can enjoy your time and be relaxed.

4. Describe your individual style?

My individual style I would say is "old school meets new". I am very fond of the old classic styles and patterns all the while throwing in color and having crazy different socks. Lots of times I love to combine many of my suit jackets to other trousers and show the many different looks one has the capability of pulling off. I love peak lapels and about 90% of my suits have them because they show a little more boldness to it and that's is who I am. I am more bold and outgoing than others and I like to stand out.

5. Where are you located in Miami? Do you cater to working professionals outside of the NBA, NFL and UFC?

We are located in the Brickell/Downtown area of Miami but 90% of the time we go to our clients instead of them going to us. It gives our clients a more flexible time frame due to their busy schedules. We do cater to many regular working professionals and many of my clients are lawyers, bankers, restaurant owners, students and regular working professionals.

Instagram: miamiclothiercj

Twitter: @chadjohnsonocho

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