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CFL fantasy football site launched

Aaron Brown, Dan Brown, Matt Brown, Aaron Cook and Lee Garinger are living the fantasy.

The CFL fantasy, that is.

The five Reginans have recently launched a CFL fantasy football website called Fantas-Eh Football. Fantasy leagues – where team owners draft a various number of players and are awarded points based on their performances as they go head-to-head against other owners – are popular among the NFL, NBA and NHL, but have not caught on in the CFL.

“The actual concept of fantasy football is far from being a “new idea”,” says co-owner Matt Brown. “Three things had to happen in order for this site to become a reality. Firstly, we had to establish that there was a demand for a CFL fantasy site. Our research told us that Canadians were hungry for our product, particularly because the few sites that do exist are extremely limited when compared to NFL fantasy sites. Next, we had to find the right people to do the job. Fortunately, we were able to find an exceptional programmer (Cook), someone with business experience (Garinger) and individuals who possess a great deal of knowledge about fantasy football and the CFL (Brown brothers). Lastly, we had to design a fantasy football experience that would be compatible with the Canadian game.”

The idea for this new fantasy league didn’t happen overnight.

“To make a long story short, some friends and I tried to start a CFL draft last year, but it failed miserably because we did not have a tool to facilitate what we were attempting to do,” says Brown. “After that, I gave up on the possibility of playing CFL fantasy football. About four months ago, Garinger sent me a text message that said “We should start a CFL fantasy site”. I replied by saying “Let’s do it”. Shortly after, Dan Brown, Cook and Aaron Brown joined the group and the rest is history.”

On the site, players will have the option to draft both offensive and defensive players. The defensive players will collect points for tackles, sacks, interceptions and touchdowns. Because the CFL is a small league, the owners of Fantas-Eh Football are recommending that each league contain six teams, with eight being the maximum. Each week there will be head-to-head matchups followed by the playoffs at the end of the season. Anyone can join the site.

League commissioners will be allowed to select the number of teams and players in their league. They also have the power to select the types of players in their league, which statistics they will award points for and how many points will be awarded.

“We are working to develop a high quality site that is innovative and continually improving,” says Brown. “We are not “banking” on being the only site available to Canadians. Instead, we are developing the Fantas-Eh site as though other good sites already exist. This will insure that we create a quality product.”

Brown adds “Our team is fully committed to watching every game and we believe that we have a system in place that will allow us to collect statistics quickly and accurately. Following games, these stats will be cross-referenced with other published statistics to insure that we are accurate.”

While the owners of Fantas-Eh football are hoping to create a unique experience, it is not an experience that will be enjoyed for free. It costs $79.99 for a league, $59.99 for users who sign up before June 18, 2010.

“It is our goal to be compensated for the time, knowledge and money we are investing into this project,” explains Brown. “Currently, charging a user fee is our only source of revenue. Our research indicates that is not uncommon for fantasy sites to charge a user fee for the service they provide. With increased advertising revenue, it is foreseeable that we could reduce our user fee. As it stands, if you enter a six person league, each player will pay $10.00 for the entire season. We feel that this is a reasonable cost for the product we are offering.”

The tentative launch date for the site is May 1, 2010. For more information visit


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