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Cezanne keratin treatment: one month later

What you need to maintain the Cezanne keratin treatment
What you need to maintain the Cezanne keratin treatment
Andrea Obaez

Almost exactly a month ago, I wrote a piece on Cezanne’s new keratin treatment. Cezanne prides itself in being the first keratin treatment focused on improving the overall health of your hair, from the inside out, and I had the opportunity to experience the treatment for myself.

Now, a month later, I've had the opportunity to take the treatment out on some real life “tests” to see how it holds up to day to day wear.

The Fell Asleep on the Couch Test

Immediately after getting the treatment, I went out with friends and stayed out all night. My usual routine after getting my hair freshly done is to wrap it with a silk scarf before bed. Instead, I fell asleep on a leather couch and pushed my hair behind my ears. There may have been a little sweat involved. In the morning my hair was still perfect with the exception of a small wave around the nape of my hair. All I had to do was run my fingers through it.

The Caught in the Rain/Snow Test

This happened several times. At the very suggestion of moisture, my hair usually curls, kinks, or frizzes. With the Cezanne treatment, none of these things happened. My hair got wet with a light drizzle, soaked in a downpour, and wet with snow. Each and every time, it stayed straight even while wet. If I didn't touch it the hair would dry almost completely back to its original state. At worst, it was wavy, not the full-on curly mess I am used to.

The Forgot to Wash My Hair Test

As I waited to receive the follow-up products to maintain the Cezanne treatment, I decided not to wash my hair with any other products. Instead I wanted to see how the hair held up between washes. It got dirty, don’t get me wrong, but it did not revert to curls as usual. When I go too long between washes, my hair usually starts to curl from my roots and causes shrinkage. Instead the hair maintained itself as straight as possible, and with a little help with from my blow drier and a round brush, refreshing my style only took minutes.

The First Wash Test

After receiving the follow-up products, I wanted to see what the texture of my hair would feel like. I usually do not wash my hair with shampoo, but the Cezanne shampoo is sulfate-free. I also let the conditioner sit in my hair in the shower for several minutes. After shampooing, the texture of my hair reverted to a loose, soft curl. I was able to blow dry and style my hair in the fraction of the time it usually takes me. My hair looked perfect. I did notice that my scalp was dry, but it usually is. That is the one thing I did notice. As a woman of color that is used to putting some sort of “grease” on her scalp, I have always noticed that many higher end products do not have something to accommodate that.

And then:

The Second Wash Test

While in the shower, I did notice that I can start to feel a little difference in the texture as it grows. I’m curious to see how the treatment wears over the long term. Will my hair revert back to original texture like the product claims? I am not sure. I have used many products in the past that have made the same claim but the result were actually irreversible.

I wouldn't be upset if the treatment did change my hair texture for the better. Meaning: a looser curl in the future, less frizz, and hold up better in the rain. Still, I love my hair. The Cezanne keratin treatment has allowed me to continue growing my hair, drama and kink free. Let’s see how it holds up over the long term.

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