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Cesar Millan's new show 'Doggie Nightmares' helps dogs adjust to adoption

Dog trainer Cesar Millan will host a Nat Geo Wild special called "Cesar Millan: Doggie Nightmares." The special will air on Sunday, November 3, 2013, at 10 p.m. Cesar Millan will help families that would like to adopt a dog but are dealing with problem behaviors.

Cesar Millan's new show 'Doggie Nightmares' helps dogs adjust to adoption.

Many adoptions fail within the first two weeks resulting in dogs being returned to shelters. These returned dogs are often labeled as unadoptable. During "Doggie Nightmares," Cesar Millan helps families who are adopting shelter dogs avoid problems that commonly arise during the first crucial weeks.

Cesar Millan meets the families at the shelter to help them pick the perfect dog. The families take the dog home and hidden cameras are placed in every room of the house for the first week. After week one, Cesar meets with each of the families to look at the footage and highlight the problems. He trains the new owners on how to correct the undesirable behavior. During the second week the families practice what they've learned from Cesar. At the end of the two weeks, the families meet with Cesar Millan to make a final decision.

Nat Geo Wild is also airing an all-day "Dog Whisperer" marathon leading up to tonight's "Doggie Nightmares" special.

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