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Cesar Millan meets his match; Great Dane bites during ‘Dog Whisperer’ training

Cesar Millan
Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Cesar Millan is known for his techniques to train dogs and has been coined as the “Dog Whisperer” in the TV industry, but it appears he might have met his match with a Great Dane he was training. Allegedly, the TV host had an incident with a dog and included a neighbor. According to Trend and Design on Wednesday, Millan was in the middle of training a dog when it bit a neighbor.

The incident details are still somewhat sketchy, but the concerns of what happen has everyone wondering if this was an isolated incident or something more. It was reported on TMZ that the dog was not leashed when walking on the streets of Studio City during the time of the incident. Add that the dog was being trained, dog lovers are wondering if this is typical for the trainer.

According to sources, one of Millan's neighbors was out walking his own dog when the Great Dane sniffed his palm. Somehow the dog got spooked and what allegedly happened next is quite alarming. The dog responded by biting his hand and forearm. The incident required the neighbor to go to the hospital and the dog trainer apparently was right behind him to make sure the man was treated.

While Cesar Millan is well known in his field, it is really surprising to hear that he might have met his match when it comes to canines. Over the years the fans of his TV shows have seen him take on case after case and each time he takes a dog that is a tyrant and makes them an angel. This time it seems that Millan has met his match with this dog and in the process he has allegedly included a neighbor who may (or may not) be very upset that the dog was out the door without a leash.

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