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CES 2014 brings touchless screens and other tech in development to Las Vegas

Touchless screens are the next step for a very useful and efficient way to use your smartphone introduced at the opening press event today, reported NBC News this morning.

At this morning's press event at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Synaptics showed that one of today's most popular phones, the Galaxy S 4, can be made to detect your finger from a quarter of an inch away with nothing but an update to its firmware. It's sensitive, accurate, and could be very useful.

Is it time to give up on ‘touch-sensitive devices?’ Contrary to technology advances there are advances in ‘touch’ devices. They make a large proportion of the touch-sensitive surfaces in phones and laptops. A new one was being shown off, in fact, that takes into account the pressure you put on it and intensifies or lightens your action on screen. Want to scroll fast or make a darker line? Press hard. Want a lighter touch? Touch more lightly.

It is a very provocative thought of the advancements in development. The next step is with Samsung and Apple, who have to make their software and apps support it. But don't be surprised if the Galaxy S 5 or next MacBook proudly touts touchless touch technology.

CES is showing products of technology that were previewed last year and previous years that now are center stage at the CES 2014 show. The Google Glass is still in media hype while there will also be several competitors trying to get the jump on Google Glass before it's officially released, including Vuzix, who released its own pair of smart glasses for $1,000 — a full $500 less than Google's hard-to-obtain prototype.

CES, Consumer Electronic Show officially opens in Las Vegas tomorrow, Jan. 7-10.

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