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Certainty of hope

Do you think of hope as wishful thinking or do you hold a belief in the certainty of hope? If you think of hope as being synonymous to faith, then it makes sense that by having an underlying trust attached to your vision or line of thought strengthens it. If you believe passionately about something and you strategize to put your thoughts and feelings into action, you’re creating a recipe for success; energizing this is much more than wishful thinking.

Hope gifts healthy transformation.
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If you Google the word hope it offers several meanings, one of them is, “a feeling of trust.”

You can empower yourself with hope. Once you embrace hope, you start your journey to renewal. It is your first step onto the path to recovery and just by energizing it you are harnessing the gift of healing. The magic of this process is fueled by your trust, the certainty of hope.

In the world of counseling, the main thrust of therapy is to create an installation of hope in the client and the success of this can be the difference between life or death in many scenarios.

Have you ever wanted something so bad but when you tried to get it you failed? If this has happened to you, it is possible, in an effort to avoid more pain and/or embarrassment, you shutdown or withdraw from chasing your passion. Why get your hopes up if they are just going to be shattered? This thinking is self-sabotaging; you are shortchanging your best self.

Sometimes, when things get rough, in survival mode, we suppress feeling as a coping mechanism but it is essential this type of reaction is short-term.

A hopeless life is a life without feeling. You deserve much more than this. Feeling is an extension of your heart, whether it is good or bad, it makes you human. Reach to hope and power this hope with certainty because this, my friend, will ignite your spirit and energize your life!

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