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Cerebrum brain function and nervous system interaction

Learn about the assignment of tasks of the brain lobes for good brain health.
Learn about the assignment of tasks of the brain lobes for good brain health.
Image: Boaz Yiftach

According to the Alzheimers' Association at, learning new things every day is important to keep the brain functioning. In learning how the brain works, new brain cells are being used to reduce memory loss, and improve the storage and retrieval system.

The central nervous system runs throughout four upper lobes and inner and lower lobes. It is structured with neurons (nerve cells) and synapses (connectors). In the brain neurotransmitters send information impulses along electrical pathways, processing and storing memory.

Even though the paths interact with all other areas in some way or another, there are some functions that happen and communicate more with one lobe than the others. In the Cerebrum (upper brain area) are the four major lobes.

Higher functions happen in the Frontal Lobe.

Behind the forehead, higher functions control the intelligence by which the human makes choices, and sets forth actions for daily life.

On the left side of the brain of the Frontal Lobe, intellectual activities happen such as

  • understanding and analyzing abstract thinking (such as Mathematics),
  • reasoning and problem solving in daily life,
  • absorbing, collecting and using verbal skills,
  • control of aggressive behavior,
  • sexual behavior activity
  • decision making and voluntary movement.

The right side of the brain is credited with creative activity. Sensory awareness happens on the right side in activities such as

  • visual perceptions,
  • spatial orientation,
  • musical abilities
  • and other creative abilities

There is no proof that people who are left handed or right handed are more intelligent or creative than the other, however, it has been determined that in most cases, all activity on the left hand side of the body is controlled by the right side of the brain and most activity in the right hand side of the body is controlled by the left side of the brain.

Sensory awareness is in the Parietal Lobes.

The Parietal Lobe area communicates a great deal with the right side of the brain to interact with sensory perceptions. It is located behind the Frontal Lobe. Taste, hearing, speech, sight, and feel is prevalent in this part of the brain. How an experience through the senses is perceived in the Frontal Lobe affects the emotions that happen in the Temporal Lobe.

In the Temporal Lobe area, emotions run high

Part of the Temporal Lobe is involved in the Limbic area of the brain. Interpretation of language and awareness and discrimination of sound makes this lobe a major area of the brain. Emotions run high with such activities as

  • feelings of love, that works with the right side of the Frontal Lobe
  • anger and aggression that interacts with the left side of the Frontal Lobe
  • compulsive behavior that works with the left side of the Fontal Lobe
  • sexual emotions that interact with the left side of the brain for sexual behavior and with the Parietal Lobe for the sense of feeling

The Occipital Lobe is at the back of the brain in line with the optic tract.

The major functions in the back of the brain is to receive, interpret and discriminate vision activity. Association with other lobes with information from the Occipital Lobe is important for memory processing and putting together things seen, with things heard and felt.

To learn more about the brain and how it processes memory, check out the video at Medline Plus, Brain Components.


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