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Cerebal Palsy Swagger: Hunter Gandee carries little brother 40 miles for cause

Hunter Gandee carries his younger brother Braden during Cerebal Palsy Swagger in Michigan over the weekend

Hunter Gandee, 14, did an amazing thing during the “Cerebral Palsy Swagger” which is a 40-mile walk designed to raise awareness for cerebral palsy, a muscle disorder. Hunter’s younger brother, 7-year-old Branden, who has cerebral palsy and is unable to walk without assistance, traveled with Hunter on the two-day journey. Ordinarily, Braden uses a walker, braces, or a power chair to move around. The two made the walk by Hunter carrying Branden the distance, according to a Fox News report on Monday.

According to the report, it was a very difficult experience for both Hunter and Braden, but the two made it. Hunter said that there was a point that they did consider stopping. That point occurred about 75 percent of the way through the walk at the 30-mile point. Hunter explained that with ten miles to go, Braden’s legs were chafing pretty badly.

However, a phone call changed their thoughts of giving up. Hunter contacted a friend. That friend said a prayer for the brothers. The prayer, accompanied by some rest and a change in how Braden was positioned on his brother’s back, made it possible for the two to complete the 40-mile walk together. Hunter admits that he was more tired than he has ever been, and his legs were pretty sore.

Along with Hunter and Braden, the boys’ parents and two other siblings walked, says Newsday. Additionally, there were other walkers who took the long walk with them, as well as a caravan of cars. The walk began on Saturday at Bedford Junior High School in Temperance which is located near the Ohio border. At the school, the community packed the gymnasium to give the walkers a sendoff of encouragement and the school’s band played. By Sunday afternoon, they reached Ann Arbor. The event is designed to increase awareness about cerebral palsy and to inspire new ideas for mobility aides and medical procedures.

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