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Ceramic tile fix: Simple and budget friendly home improvement for the abode

Easy to use and renews the decor
Easy to use and renews the decor

Updating and redecorating the abode can get costly. Sometimes one must pick and choose what areas are the most important to use the home improvement funds on first. Living in a rental one wants to be able to decorate and improve on the abode without spending the well earned dollars an another person's dwelling.

Ceramifix repairs cracked tile
Carol Ruth Weber

Bathrooms and Kitchens can be the most costly rooms to renovate.

Appliances get old and need to be replaced or repaired. Cabinets get worn. Fixtures and tile easily get cracks, chips and broken with years of wear. Replacing an entire Kitchen or bathroom can be extremely costly for a homeowner and not a possibility for a renter.

It is wonderful when cost effective methods are found that can assist in improving the decor.

If gutting the entire kitchen and bathroom is not in the budget but ceramic tiles are a bit chipped and cracked there is now a product that will assist in renewing the tile. Ceramifix is a solution that is easy to use to touch up cracked and chipped ceramic, porcelain and natural Stone Tiles.

The product works much like a touch-up paint for a car.

Just as one would take some touch-up paint to fill in a chip in the paint on an automobile, Ceramifix is ready to fill in the chip in a tile. Ceramifix is ready-made in common colors. Custom colors are available as well and colors can be mixed together to achieve the perfect match.

Using Ceramifix is very simple.

  • Squeeze the Ceramifix paint right onto a chip or crack for instant self-sealing bonding.

The tiles in my newly rented abode's bathroom are old gray colored common ceramic tiles that have been abused. I was longing to fix up a few chips and some holes from long lost shower doors and rods when I found Ceramifix.

The light gray was almost a match. It was very simple to add a touch of the smoke color to achieve the color that was needed. The color blended nicely with the existing tile.

  • Using a brush color is easy to apply to larger areas.
  • Chips practically disappeared as the color was dabbed on.

My bathroom now looks much better. The chips are completely camouflaged. Holes from old screws are still there but barely evident since the chips around them have been filled in. The larger areas damaged from where a shower enclosure was, now blend in well with the color of the tiles making them much less noticeable.

It is fun to find new resources that make lives better and surroundings more beautiful. Have fun decorating and improving your life and abode and never be afraid to dance!

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