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Ceramic art from Ann Arbor's Clay Gallery

Ceramic art by Yiu Keung Lee
Ceramic art by Yiu Keung Lee

The Clay Gallery is an art gallery located at 335 S. Main Street in Ann Arbor. It is a cooperative, run by member artists. That means you get the opportunity to meet and chat with the artists when you shop there. These active and popular artists also sell at art shows throughout the area.

The current artists are:

  • JT Abernathy
  • Royce Disbrow
  • Gail Dapogny
  • Sherry Hall
  • Mary Humphrey
  • Shirley Knudsvig
  • Kristine Stewart
  • Deb Thompson
  • Yiu Keung Lee
  • David McAlpine
  • Roann Ogawa
  • Marcia Polenberg
  • Janelle Songer
  • Susan Steel
  • John Stephenson
  • Elvera Shappirio
  • Joe Szutz
  • Shirley White-Black
  • Donna Williams
  • Monica Wilson

Each artist is unique and yet they all start with wet clay. You can enjoy the efforts of over 20 artists in a well lit setting and compare their styles, shapes , colors, and themes.

According to artist Donna Williams, "Working with clay is always an endeavor in communication, reconciliation, and transformation." Her work shows the sense of movement that is possible within the finished pieces.

David McAlpine creates pictures/images/portraits that are the result of tile-like pieces, with added layers and colors, and sometimes glass or metal.

Elvera Shappirio marries beauty and utility to create vases, plates, and cups that bring art to everyday living.

Yiu Keung Lee creates detailed three-dimensional pieces and says, "My work is often autobiographical; I am part of the sculpture."

Whether you want to learn about the ceramic art form, relax in an inspirational atmosphere, or shop for the piece that will look perfect in your home, you will enjoy your visit to the Clay Gallery.

You can phone them at 734 662 7927. You can email them at The gallery is open Monday through Thursday from 11 am until 8 pm, Friday and Saturday from 11 am until 9 pm, and Sunday from noon until 5 pm.

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