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CEO Challenges competition seeks world's fittest CEOs in September

CEO Challenges, produced and presented by Life Time – The Healthy Way of Life Company and the world leader in sport competitions for C-level executives, announced recently that in 2014, CEO Challenges and Spartan Race will work together for the first time to host The Fittest CEO® competition and TV show taking place September 18-21, 2014. The annual championship identifies the fittest CEOs and this year the event will take place on the property of Spartan founder and CEO Joe De Sena in Pittsfield and Killington, Vermont. Spartan Race has redefined the obstacle/mud run category of events with multiple distance timed competitions around the world.

September 2014 CEO Challenges seeks the world's fittest CEOs.

“For the past two years we have hosted our Fittest CEO® event at Blackberry Farm in Tennessee,” stated Ted Kennedy, President of CEO Challenges. “This year we decided to try something different and utilize the incredible endurance playground that Joe De Sena has built in and around Pittsfield. Joe is an expert in testing the endurance and fitness of individuals, and together we came up with an amazing list of events for the CEOs to choose from to see how they stack up. The challenge will culminate in an epic Spartan Sprint race at Killington.”

Fittest CEO participants will choose four endurance tests out of a list of eight offered (see below) and receive a score based on how they perform versus elite athletes in each discipline. Scores for the four events are added to their time over the Spartan Sprint course to see who is the fittest CEO and who will donate the winner’s check to the charity of their choice.

“Ted approached us with the idea of co-hosting The Fittest CEO® on our property,” said Joe De Sena. “Everything we stand for at Spartan Race revolves around increasing fitness and nutrition for the masses. I think it will be a great example to the rest of the country to see CEOs testing themselves over three days of endurance competitions.”

De Sena, author of a new book titled Spartan Up! continues, “If CEOs can fit regular training into their crazy work, travel, meeting, family and social schedules, then why can’t everyone?”

  • C-level executives of companies with at least $10 million in annual revenue are invited to submit an application to compete in the event. The package includes accommodations for three nights and meals (wine with dinner) for two nights, a professionally organized competition including Spartan Sprint Race, racing uniform, potential feature in the nationally broadcast Fittest CEO® TV show, and opportunity to donate from a prize purse estimated at almost $40,000 to the charity of choice of age group champions.

To include your name on the “interest list” for the event, visit, and you will be contacted to find out about your company and athletic background. If accepted you and your company will be featured on the CEO Challenges website, in future press releases, and in a printed program circulated to the media at the event. Register your name today for one of the 15 coveted slots to the race, and for the opportunity to “lead by example” to your employees, your family, and viewers across the USA.

The Fittest CEO Competition Details:

  • Competitors choose 4 (four) out of the list of 8 (eight) offered endurance tests which will take place in and around Pittsfield, VT on Friday, Sept 19 and Saturday, Sept 20 (i.e. CEOs can choose which events play to their personal strengths. Note, you have the option to do more than four events and take your best 4 scores).
  • Each of the four elements will account for 15% of the total score awarded – 60% of the total mark after all four are completed.
  • The final event – 3-mile Spartan Sprint on Sunday, Sept 21 – will account for 40% of the total score to name the Fittest CEO®.

The 8 fitness tests offered:

1. Mountain stair run – 1.5 miles, including 1-mile vertical run up a stone ladder

2. Open water swim – 1-mile lake swim

3. Mountain Bike – 10-mile single track trail race

4. Wood chop & drag – Chop wood, load it onto a sled, and drag the sled 100 yards

5. Kayak – 2-mile lake kayak

6. Trail run – 5-mile race on mountain trails

7. PT Test – combination of pull-ups, burpees, crunches, pushups, etc

8. Road bike – 25-mile road bike race

*subject to minor modifications


  • Prior to the competition top elite athletes will be timed on each of the 8 fitness tests.
  • The closer you come to the time of the elite athlete the more points you score!
  • The Spartan Sprint race on Sunday morning is worth 40% of the total amount of points, with the winner receiving 100% of eligible points (40) and everyone else receiving less depending on what % they were behind the winner.

The Fittest CEO®:

  • The Fittest CEO® is the person who accumulates the most points after all events are completed, with the Spartan Sprint being the final event.
  • Each competitor is required to bring a “blank” charity check for $2,000 with the amount split amongst the charity of choice of the winners as follows: 70% to the overall winner, 15% to the over 50 champion, and 15% to the female champion (provided at least 3 competitors in each of the divisions).
  • Trophies will be awarded to each of the overall, over-50, and female champions.
  • The entire event will be filmed and edited for The Fittest CEO® TV show to air across the USA.
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