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CEO caught on video abusing puppy, resigns

CEO caught on video abusing puppy
CEO caught on video abusing puppy
Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Few Americans would deny that being a CEO comes with its privileges. However, abusing a puppy on video and getting away with it is apparently not one of them.

Desmond Hague, the CEO of a Connecticut catering company was videotaped by an elevator security camera at a Vancouver hotel, kicking a puppy at the end of his leash. As he pushed the dog across the floor, he yanked it back by the neck and kicked it again. Hague was even seen hanging the dog off the floor by its collar.

When Aug.17th dog abuse video caught the attention of the media, public outrage led to Hague’s resignation from his CEO position on Tuesday.

Local animal service authorities have confiscated the puppy and are holding it at an undisclosed location in order to protect the animal. A criminal investigation has also been launched which could lead to animal abuse charges against Hague.

Hague apologized for his treatment of the puppy and told Global News he was “ashamed and deeply embarrassed,” by what the video revealed.

Caution: Some may find this video disturbing

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