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Century Media Records launches new label - Another Century

Adrian Patrick of Otherwise
Adrian Patrick of Otherwise
Chris Zambello

In an effort to enhance the visibility of some of their rock bands Century Media Records, the world’s largest independent record label, announced today that it has launched a new record label creatively named, Another Century. Founder, Robert Kampf released a statement:

Twenty five years after starting Century Media the excitement to do another version of the label could not be any larger. My undying love for rock has driven the formation of this label ANOTHER CENTURY. Over the years great bands like Otherwise and In This Moment have been released on Century Media but sometimes got lost or felt ill mixed among some of the heavier CM bands. Another Century now has a clear path and mission statement: To develop and break the best bands in rock to come!!!

This move will clearly pay huge dividends for both labels as well as the artists as it will allow them to focus on giving fans the best they have to offer. Century Media has for years been known to find some of the most talented unknown rock bands and turn them into household names for any rock fan. Recent additions in the past few years include: In This Moment, Otherwise, Eyes Set To Kill, Girl On Fire and Butcher Babies. All have made big waves in today’s rock world. One would be hard-pressed to go to a rock festival and not have a Century Media-labeled band pumping fists and giving fans their money’s worth in a rock show!

To date, Another Century’s website lists only six artists: Adrenaline Mob, Fozzy, Like A Storm, Rev Theory, The Bloodline and one of my personal favorites, Otherwise. It’ll be interesting to see which of Century Media’s other bands sign with the new label. Currently, Century media represents over 110 bands through ten offices worldwide. Either way, fans can be assured they are getting the best that the rock world has to offer.