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Central Ohio Earth Day activities generated some impressive results

For the fourth year in a row, Green Columbus coordinated central Ohio’s Earth Day activities on Saturday, April 17 and Sunday, April 18. That was then followed by a celebration at Franklin Park on Thursday, April 22.

Results from their activities were impressive to say the least. They had 3,679 volunteers (a 41% increase over 2009) participate in community service projects at 129 worksites. These volunteers put in nearly 13,000 person hours, the equivalent of 6.5 person-years.  Their combined efforts led to the planting of 8,262 trees and 5,440 native plants, the collection of 2,027 bags of trash, the cleaning of 23 miles of waterway, the recycling of 2.2 tons of tires, the diversion of 15,000 pounds of material that would have otherwise gone to the landfill, the removal of 100 graffiti tags, the building of 115 raised beds, and the preparation of 47 community gardens

For more information about the entire Earth Day program, go to And for more information about Green Columbus, you can go to