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Central Michigan University group Big Shot Gaming Asks Gamers to Bring It

Do you think you have what it takes to compete against up to 150 other PC Gamers in tournaments for games such as Starcraft 2, Team Fortress 2 or Counter Strike: Source? Do you think you could last for up to 36 straight hours during this tournament? And lastly, can you get up to Central Michigan University to do all of the above? If so, you lucky gamer, there happens to be an event like this right around the corner.

Big Shot Gaming is hosting a L.A.N. Party on the 19th - 21st of November at, you guessed it, Central Michigan Universty, and is hoping to acquire up to 150 gamers to attend. (as I write this, there are over 50 confirmed people going, with 2 weeks remaining. Seats will fill!) Not only are the previously mentioned games showcased, also console games from Halo: Reach to Goldeneye 007 to Super Smash Bros. Brawl will have there own tournaments, so this isn't just for P.C. Gamers, everyone has a chance.

Not only is this a large L.A.N., but they have also gotten Starcraft 2 casters from ICCup Diamond and Raelcun to cast the Starcraft 2 Tournament for all others to see! (at the recent Sparty LAN Party, the live stream got over 2,200 viewers at any moment.) Starcraft not your bag? That's alright, alot of the other tournaments are sponsored by brands such as Thermaltake and Patriot Memory, ensuring some sweet prizes! Also, I've been tipped that the Team Fortress 2 Tournament is a real draw, so be ready with your best Medics and Heavies to take down the enemy teams!

So what are you waiting for Brethren and Sistren? There is no better time to show your gaming skills then at a tournament of this size, just big enough and not over the top like QuakeCon, and a great chance to network with other teams and players! Registration is filling fast, so I'd advise you at least get a spot reserved, as well as I hope to see you there!

A little backstory for you though.

Big Shot Gaming was founded by Central Michigan University Alumni Cia Hang, Troy Histed and Chris Fisher. Originally, the Big Shot Gamers were just a group of friends holding L.A.N. parties in Apartments, and after a few years, decided to go for the gold and grow. Going from Apartments to Classrooms, eventually leading up to the use of the Field House, which has boasted their largest count of attendace of 130 BSG's. Throughout that time they've been sponsored by big names such as Razer, Antec and Ideazon. BSG is always looking to grow, and is open to having others join the team and help. Contact them here if you're interested in helping.


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