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Central Indiana Lab Rescue & Adoption - Working for Labs Since 1996

Kipp--adopted 2000
Kipp--adopted 2000
Barb Porter

Since 1996, Central Indiana Lab Rescue & Adoption (CILRA) has rescued over 1500 purebred and mixed Labrador retrievers and placed them in forever homes. Some dogs are found in shelters, others as strays, but most are surrendered due to economic or lifestyle changes. All dogs are housed in CILRA-approved foster homes where training and temperament are evaluated, before being made available for adoption. CILRA is a non-profit organization run entirely by volunteers and serves Indiana, Illinois, Minnesota, and surrounding Midwestern states.

Labs are well known for being family-friendly, gentle, hard-working, intelligent dogs and have grown in popularity so much over the years that they are now one of the nation’s most popular breeds. For this reason, more each year are being bred with an increasing number surrendered to shelters or left homeless. Many of these dogs are housebroken and have at least basic obedience training.

For those wanting a lifelong companion and instant friend but do not wish to endure sleepless nights and the potty-training rituals that come with a new puppy, a rescued dog is often the perfect solution. A large number of families who adopt through CILRA have done so previously and know the joy of giving an older dog a loving home. View our website for stories of Happy New Homes.

All dogs available for adoption are up to date on their vaccinations, have been tested for heartworm and are either neutered or spayed. Adoption fees are $175 for dogs 5 years old and under and $125 for dogs age six and older. Adoption costs cover veterinary and other related expenses.

CILRA no longer accepts dogs that have a history of biting or aggression. The typical age for adoptable dogs is 5 months to 10 years.

Families wishing to adopt a rescued Lab must fill out an application for adoption. Following that, a CILRA volunteer will conduct a home visit. Once the application has been approved, CILRA assists the families in locating the dog that is right for them. CILRA is available for help before, during, and after the adoption. If for any reason, an adoption doesn’t work out, dogs must be returned to CILRA. CILRA services are available to the dog and dog owners for life of the dog.

Foster homes are badly needed. Each week CILRA turns away about 25 dogs due to lack of housing. Foster homes provide care and food—veterinary costs are covered by CILRA. Typically dogs are fostered for 2 to 4 weeks before being adopted. The time you spend loving a dog while he’s between homes is an important step toward a successful adoption.

CILRA is a not-for-profit corporation and is a recognized 501(c)(3) charity with the Internal Revenue Service. Monetary donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

For more information on CILRA, read news on the organization, view adoptable dogs, apply to be a foster home, or download an application to adopt, visit or contact CILRA, 8517 S. 650 E., Ladoga, IN 47954 1-888-882-1900. Email:



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