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Central Florida Writers Sweep The Paranormal Arena

In my travels as a Paranormal Investigator I meet many interesting people from all walks of life. My line of work is both fascinating and creative and gives me the ability to work alongside these talented folks each teaching me something along the way. I have had the pleasure this week to interview three very well versed individuals all in different fields of what is considered the paranormal. Each have there own specialty and their own books which offer exciting insights into their lines of study. They are all intelligent and well respected in their areas of expertise and I loved conversing with them all. My Paranormal Team and I strictly do hauntings and the spirit world so the authors I choose to interview do other areas of the paranormal world. They all live in central Florida and are all extremely talented and knowledgeable. I hope this gives my readers some great insight into the other realms of the paranormal and opens their minds to excellent reading material for further learning.

John Rogers with Gladys on the cover of The Medium Within
John Rogers
Central Florida Authors Sweep Paranormal Arena
Katie Snow

It was a bright sunny afternoon when I met with John Rogers. I set the appointment two weeks prior and was excited to see what this gentlemen was going to offer me in the way of a reading. Those of you who know me know my views are skeptic in this area. My views pertaining to physics have not changed however John is a Medium and for those of you who do not know the difference a Medium has the ability to communicate with the spirits of the dead. This may be accomplished by channeling in which the Medium acts as a go-between for the other side where as a psychic works at an intuitive level. Individuals who are psychic claim to have the ability to perceive information hidden from the normal senses via a "sixth sense" or extrasensory perception. I choose this gentle man to interview as he has thirty or more years of medium reading in the Central Florida region not to mention the many years prior to moving to this area. I read about him in a local newspaper and again saw his promotion in our library pertaining to a new book he authored and to me this was a sign to meet with him.

I want to make this clear. I went into this interview as a normal client. I paid for a reading like everyone else and I did not start the interview until after the reading. John has a room in his private home set aside where he has pictures of himself along side John Edwards and James Van Praagh. I was told to be seated and was surprised when Mr. Rogers had no qualms about me turning my recording device on while doing the reading (leave it to a paranormal investigator to have a recording device handy!) and I sat it on the small table in front of us. Mr. Rogers proceeded to instruct me on the intentions of the reading and about his spirit guide who is named Gladys. I was relaxed and at ease with this kind man who sat across from me. He started the timer and proceeded to start. I was astonished at how accurate Mr. Rogers was. He asked me no prior questions and was more or less spot on with everything. I can not stress enough how very accurate he was down to certain ideas that I have not even told my husband about yet! Things that were just bumping around in my head, my private thoughts, as well as the person who was around me during the reading. This information was never discussed with Mr. Rogers or verbally executed to anyone! He even knew I was working on two books and that I was thinking about a blue cover for one! Things he told me are even coming to pass as of last evening. If you are looking for a reading I recommend John Rogers with highest regard.

John Rogers who's goal while a younger man was to be a Priest is considered in this local area as the medium within. He is an author, a lecturer and a teacher. His spirit guide Gladys was his teacher before she passed to the other side and Mr. Rogers claims anyone can develop this ability. John states when he writes he writes in spirit, meaning his spirit guides him through the process. He has written five books though he is most proud of the book titled “The Medium Within” which can be purchased via his website . He is diverse and also via his website he offers his schedule of classes and you may also contact him for a reading. His website address is

After my interview with Mr. Rogers I felt no story such as this could be complete without the addition of one of the most infamous paranormal creatures, BIGFOOT, so of course the next guest I contacted was Scott Marlowe. I am a follower of his on Facebook and am always amazed at the amount of work he puts into his writing. Scott has a total of twelve books on varying subjects and is best known for his study on cryptids.

Mr. Marlowe was a pre med sophomore student at Rollins College in Winter Park when his encounter with the Florida Swamp Ape occurred. He stated during our interview that it was most certainly a Bigfoot he saw and that he will never forget the encounter that changed the direction of his life. Writing a paper on it for school his teachers encouraged him to write more about the creature and after ten years of research the book “The Bigfoot Enigma” was born. Scott is now one of America's most credible cryptozoologist and teaches both adult courses and a childrens summer camp at the Hillsborough Community College and adult courses in the Florida Keys Community College. His courses have won many awards for its fresh approach and application of forensic science methodologies to the study of enigmatic animals. Mr. Marlowe is the first expert in this field to succeed in establishing on going college courses in cryptozoology at a state institution of higher learning anywhere in the world.

Mr. Marlowe has just majorly revised his book “Cryptid Creatures” and the 2nd edition will be released this March 2014. Scott is currently working on his newest book “Mystery Monsters of Florida” which is a creative nonfiction book on regional Urban Legends of Florida is also co authoring a book with Lisa Wojcik and Robert Reese about misplaced cryptid creatures such as the infamous Jaguarundi of South America which are not native to Florida.

Besides writing, Scott appears frequently as a guest on Spook Hunters Radio which has been noted in Weird Florida, Haunted Harvest Moon Radio, Oopaloopa Cafe with Rick Osmon so he can give insight about sightings and to teach about these elusive creatures. Mr. Marlowe's has also appeared on MonsterQuest, Is it True, Legend Hunters, Destination Truth, William Shatner's Weird or What, Weird Travels and Weird Florida: Roads Less Traveled which can be viewed on the SciFi Channel and Discovery Channel just to name a few. Mr. Marlowe is also a consultant for television producers on a regular basis.

All of Scott Marlowe's books can be ordered at your local book store or through at the link provided below.

My last interview was with Author Denise Stoner. A women in her sixties Denise is the Director of the "Florida Research Group" affiliation of UFORCOP, MUFON National Abduction Research Team (ART) member, a Florida MUFON Field Investigator and Star Team Member. She is also the former Florida MUFON state section Director and Chief investigator. If you want info on aliens or abductions Denise has over 20 years in this field of study. As an abductee herself with an fascinating story Denise has co wrote “The Abduction Files” along with Kathleen Marden who is the niece of Barney and Betty Hill who claimed to be abducted from the New Hampshire mountains.
Years of research has went into this book which is based solely on facts.

Denise's first memories of abduction begin at two and a half yrs old when she thought the gray cloaked figure was those of fairy tales coming to life. As she got older she believes she was part of a breeding program developed by the grays to reintroduce emotions back into their genetics that they bred out and to make us as a race more intelligent therefore benefiting both humans and aliens alike. I listened to her story in utter silence and as a believer in outer world visitors this just fascinated me. She remembers many times being taken into their craft and things she has seen while in their world. The first part of the book is based solely on her years of being abducted, it is “her story” and I recommend it as a good read for those of you who love this side of the paranormal world.

As we spoke further we both believe they walk amongst us. Denise states there are many races in the outer world and as a breeder she believes that the Nordics are the hybrids in which the children are both alien and human. She also believes there were a lot of women in the breeding program as she saw many vials of fetuses in many stages of development. Mrs. Stoner believes that like the human race there are good and bad in the alien race. Not all aliens are evil! Now that Denise is older she still is being taken from time to time but is not sure just why. She has since developed a genetic blood disorder which does not run anywhere in her family tree making her question if it is also out of this world of breeding that made her come down with this condition. The Alien Abduction Files can be purchased through a bookstore near you or on in both hard copy or Kindle edition at the link provided below. You can also order autographed copies and report any experiences you may have had via Mrs. Stoner's website at

I want to thank Mr. John Rogers, Mr. Scott Marlowe, and Mrs. Denise Stoner for honoring me with a glimpse into their world and for the time they have spent to enlighten the paranormal community on these fascinating facts of their personal experiences.

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