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Central American migrant crowds a big friend job

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Go home Central Americans after standing in the hearing line. Migrants who earned their name in America breaking across the border line, unite with Central Americans down south, and close the border door behind you. New Americans find a natural place in the country to live.

Returns made by first wave migrants who fail to join the masses given amnesty for agreeing to American citizenship, without reservations, during hearings next week can take an international cooperation burden off communities. Crosing the good will line at San Ysidro, after a stop at Murietta, will not decide the migrants future. Upholding the pledge to the flag will.

The act of leaving Central America is the goodbye to the native peoples. Doors to an AMerican community stay open to the migrants, who, with no loss in pride in their name, say hello to a friend. A friend a free citizen happy to live among the American people.

Two weeks after the hearings start next week, the first wave migrants will have their message. Stand an American, and go home here. Or, get counted among those who tried standing upon false pride, and, go south across the border. And, go home to Central America an illegal immigrant.

Asking to become an American stays a safe pledge any time a migrant stakes a future life on two fair judgments on the right to live here. Who they are entitles them to a united citizen's name. The way they came in kept to the good path.

Homeland Security ordered the migrants take the way to the hearing. The department's migrant placements for 420 migrants opened local doors at processing facilities in Murrieta, San Ysidro, and Chula Vista east. The large migrant gatherings lead to long lines, not defective admissions.

Any new American committed to giving back loyal acts of thankful country living, on a mission to live a settled American life, for the welcome to America, can stand at the end of the way in a citizen.

A firm colorful examination on truth. . . .

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