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Centerplate CEO dog video: CEO dog kicking secret exposed, job ousting urged

When a CEO for a very big company was caught on an elevator surveillance camera kicking a dog and pulling it off the ground by its collar, someone posted it to YouTube. While Des Hague, from the Connecticut-based company, Centerplate, has apologized, he just doesn’t seem to realize the scope of what he did to this dog. It appears that he doesn't comprehend how other people perceive this as a major act of abuse against a poor defenseless animal. His offer of money and apology doesn't change that, folks want him thrown out of his job!

CEO kicks dog in elevator and the video goes viral, the guy is in hot water over this, as he should be!
YouTube screen shot

According to Spread It on Aug. 30, the apology from this guy included Hague saying that this is so out of character for him. He also said he was taking out his frustrations on the dog because he was frustrated at the way the dog conducted himself around a friend’s dog. As a CEO one would expect to have a lot of frustrations in life, why take it out on a dog?

The video shows Hague enter the elevator with the dog and he immediately starts to abuse the little guy. The dog’s name is Sade and he’s looking a bit scared. He ends his disgusting show of abuse with grabbing Sade by the collar and lifting the dog off the floor momentarily choking the dog with this action.

One thing that this video clearly shows is that this guy has no business being a pet owner. The head of the Stamford, Connecticut based company and the board of directors of this concession company announced that Hague’s embarked on a monetary apology, according to The Courant today.

Because he took his frustration out on the dog, the CEO has created a new Sade Foundation in which he donated $100,000 dollars. The Courant reports that this was done under prompting from the powers who be at Centerplate and Hague has been put on probation at the company.

The CEO has to do 1000 hours of community service at a charity that protects defenseless animals. An animal expert who watched the film said that the dog shows signs that the CEO has mistreated it in the past. The dog is in the care of the Animal Welfare folks, reports the video above. The video is hard to watch and even harder to understand why this guy would do this to a defenseless animal.

An employee of The Private Residences at Hotel Georgia in Vancouver, Canada, which is the hotel where this happened, handed the video tape over to the British Columbia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. The CEO was given community service and the dog is now in their care.

USA Today does a good job of laying out the Connecticut company’s sales and the places where they do business around the country. Despite all the restitution that the CEO embarked on, still a petition on demands that the company fire the CEO from his post. The petition has gathered over 100k in signatures so far.

If they don’t fire him, the concessions that this company sells to the many sports venues will be boycotted. Some fans say they will never buy products that are produced by this company ever again despite what happens.

Another question being asked today, does Centerplate really want someone who is capable of doing this to a defenseless animal on their payroll? The video has gone viral as has the disdain for what this man has done to Sade when he thought no one was looking. Will Hague end up losing his job over this? Some folks are hoping he will!

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