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Centerplate CEO dog kicking video: CEO dog abuse apology didn't cut it for many

A Connecticut CEO who was caught behind the closed doors of an elevator kicking and abusing his dog had no idea that the surveillance camera in the hotel elevator would be reviewed. The CEO ultimately ended up as a despised star of an equally despised viral video online. Animal rights activists are calling for Des Hague to be fired from his position as the CEO of the Stamford, Connecticut based company, Centerplate, according to the Hartford Courant News on Aug 30.

Centerplate CEO dog kicking video has the public not buying his "sorry."
YouTube screen shot

The online petition is over 100,000 strong in signatures calling for Hague to be fired with boycotts called for if the company continues with Hague in their employ. Centerplate is a company that supplies products for some of the concession stands at the biggest sporting events and stadiums in the country and this negative publicity is not good.

Even the apology that the CEO put forward didn't appear truthful to begin with. He said that his “friend’s dog” did something to frustrate him, when explaining the abuse seen on the video. An investigation through the British Columbia SPCA found that the dog does belong to Hague and not a "friend" as he first alluded to, according to

Besides the petition, which is growing rapidly in signatures, the people who do business with the Centerplate Company are speaking out. According to the San Francisco Giants and the 49ers have been critical of Hague’s animal cruelty in statements released by each team. The Giants don’t condone abuse to animals and were “deeply disturbed by the recent news regarding Centerplate CEO.”

The 49ers also released a statement very similar to the Giants. Both ball clubs feel that the actions of this one man should not reflect on the many other hard-working people at Centerplate. Both teams were disturbed by the news of the CEO’s actions, but didn’t think it should reflect on the company.

Both teams also reiterated what the company has put in place for Hague by way of consequences for his actions. KTVU reports:

“Centerplate’s Board of Directors has voted to put Hague on probation and ordered him to pay $100,000 to help protect animals in Vancouver. He will also spend 1,000 hours of community service in support of an organization that protects animals.”

Both the Giants and the 49ers stadiums do substantial business with Centerplate in their concession stands. The consequences that Centerplate passed down to Hague, who was put on probation at his company, were forced upon him. He is to create a fund in the name of Sade, his dog that he was seen kicking and pulling him off the ground by his collar in the elevator. These consequences were not from his own doing, it was part of his job probation.

Despite the dog charity and the $100,000 donation, many people still feel the CEO's apology just doesn't cut it. The struggle to get this man stripped of his position as CEO at Centerpla te continues by animal lovers throughout the country. If he remains in his position critics are calling for boycotts.

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