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Centerplate CEO: Dog abuse video of CEO kicking dog, petition calls for his job

A horrible dog abuse video of a CEO is sparking outcry today. The CEO of Centerplate – a major sports catering concession company – was caught abusing a dog on video. CEO Des Hague was forced to backtrack and come forward with an apology after an elevator video caught him repeatedly kicking a puppy. Backlash came fast against the CEO – seen in the video kicking and choking his friend’s Doberman puppy in a Vancouver elevator.

Full video of the incident can be seen here. (Graphic)

USA Today says Centerplate is a “Connecticut company that supplies concessions for sports and entertainment arenas around the country including Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Fla., the Superdome in New Orleans, the new Levi's Stadium in San Francisco and Notre Dame.”

The video shows Hague entering the elevator with the puppy on a leash, then kicking the dog multiple times before using the leash to yank the puppy around the elevator, nearly pulling the young dog off the ground.

Busted, Hague released a statement, calling his deplorable actions “completely and utterly out of character.”

I am ashamed and deeply embarrassed a minor frustration with a friend's pet caused me to lose control of my emotional response. I would like to extend my apology to my family, company and clients, as I understand that this has also reflected negatively on them.

USA Today says Centerplate is a $6 billion business with 30,000 employees and more than 350 clients. On behalf of the company, a statement was released, stating in part:

“Centerplate does not condone the mistreatment of animals by any of its employees. Mr. Hague has agreed to attend counseling to address his anger management issues.”

According to Yahoo News, Centerplate’s Board of Directors ordered the CEO “to donate $100,000 towards building a foundation in honor of the dog, named Sade, to support the protection and safety of animals in Vancouver. He’s also been told to commit 1,000 hours of community service towards an animal rights organization.”

As was expected, a petition has been started that calls for Hague to be sacked. Carried on, the petition reads, in part:

Des Hague has been identified as the man abusing a defenseless Doberman Pinscher named “Sade” in the elevator of the Private Residences at Hotel Georgia. He is the CEO of Centerplate -- the catering company who has contracts at BC Place and the Convention Centre here in Vancouver and many other entertainment venues around North America and the UK. Des Hague issued a statement through his lawyer. But it doesn't sound like there's a whole lot of remorse. He doesn't even call "the animal" by name, and instead focuses on how embarrassed he is to have been caught. A spokeswoman for the BCSPCA says: "The way she behaves certainly gives the indication of fearfulness, and that indicates she has received this treatment before."

As of the writing of this article, over 127,000 signatures were already obtained.

Animal cruelty charges are still pending in Vancouver.

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