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Center for Civil and Human Rights in Atlanta

Center for Civil and Human Rights in Atlanta
Center for Civil and Human Rights in Atlanta
Louis Hubbard

Atlanta has done it again by creating the Ctr4CHR for the world to see. As you enter the Center, you experience an adrenaline rush and a sense of sentiment that you are about to witness history face to face. You witness the faces of the many that made history. It is impenetrable to hold back the tears as you witness the triumphant battles that many faced during the time of segregation.

In Atlanta, many of the courageous heroes during that struggle make Atlanta home, like Rev. Joseph Lowery, Rep. John Lewis, and former United Nations Ambassador Andrew Young, to name a few. As you walk through the galleries, you see people that look like you and you feel their pain and anguish that they suffered at the hands of segregationist.

The Center is an education for all and a higher quality than reading a history book. The Center leaves no stones unturned and the truth is revealed and shaped with the truth through pictures and videos. There are many interactive activities that will keep you affix to the ambience of the temperament of the Center. The sights, sounds and hands on activities are authentic and breathtaking.

The Center is located downtown and joins the World of Coca-Cola and the Georgia Aquarium on Pemberton Place, home of Centennial Park. Be prepared to be astound throughout the tour of the Center. The Center is a cultural attraction for all ages. The attraction makes an interconnection with The American Civil Rights Movement and today’s global Human Rights Movement. There are three levels to the Center. You enter and exit on the second level. Below is the first floor and above is the third level. Be prepared to go through tight security. Bags will be checked upon entering the Center. No food are drinks are allowed in the galleries. Welcome to Atlanta.

“ To deny people their human rights is to challenge their very humanity.” -Nelson Mandela

Source and contact information:
Venue address: 100 Ivan Allen Jr Blvd
Atlanta, Georgia 30303

National Center for Civil and Human Rights, Inc.
Mailing Address: 250 Williams Street
Suite 2322
Atlanta, Georgia 30303

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