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Centennial Rewards for Medicaid members: free prizes for healthy choices

Earning rewards for healthy choices
Earning rewards for healthy choices
Jeff Conner,

New Mexicans who are on Medicaid can receive free prizes and rewards for making healthy choices. The Centennial Rewards program encourages members to get their preventative care through check-ups and managing their health conditions. Various visits and prescriptions will earn members points which are converted to a dollar amount to be used in the rewards catalog, including the option of getting your money on a gift card to Family Dollar or Dollar General. You can select your items based on how many points you've earned and have it shipped to you for free.

If you or a family member that you care for is enrolled in Medicaid in New Mexico, then you are eligible to sign up for Centennial Rewards. The categories for earning points includes Healthy Smiles, Healthy Pregnancy, Asthma Management, Diabetes Management, Schizophrenia Management, Bipolar Disorder Mangement and Bone Density Testing. So, for example, going to regular dental check ups will earn you 250 points, equaling $25. Same goes for your child if they are on Medicaid as well. If your child has asthma, you can earn another 750 points, or $75 for refilling their inhaler prescriptions. The list goes on for each category or condition, for every member of the family.

As long as you are taking preventative measures and managing your condition, then the rewards will add up fast. The rewards typically take a couple weeks or less to post after completing an item. The points are then added to your account which you can cash in for anytime. Some of the prizes and their prices include an art set for $24, a water bottle for $8, a bubble wand for $5, a soccer, basketball, football or volleyball for $20, a yoga mat for $20, a musical recorder for $8, LED shoelaces for $6 and the list goes on, ranging from $5 to $60. Choose your item/s, add to the cart and it will ship free!

If you are not yet on Medicaid, but want to apply, apply at YES New Mexico. If you've already applied and want to check your eligibility and/or to request a new card or choose a MCO, log onto the New Mexico Medicaid portal.