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Centennial Pale Ale to be brewed for Craft Brewers Conference

Centennial Pale Ale to be served at the Craft Brewers Conference
Centennial Pale Ale to be served at the Craft Brewers Conference
The Rosen Group

This Monday, February 24th, Oskar Blues Brewery will brew Centennial Pale Ale, a collaboration beer brewed by 145 members of the Colorado Brewers Guild (CBG), at their main facility in Longmont. The beer is to be served and distributed at Craft Brewers Conference & BrewExpo America (CBC) which Denver will host from April 8-11.

It is tradition for breweries from CBC’s host city to brew a special beer for the conference but Centennial Pale Ale marks the first time such a beer is to be brewed only with ingredients sourced from within the same state. Companies that are sponsoring and providing ingredients to Centennial Pale Ale include Colorado Malting Company who is providing the malt, Colorado Hop Yard, Rising Sun Hop Farms, High Wire Hops, Todd Hop Farm, Oskar Blues Hops & Heifers Farm, and New Belgium Brewing who are providing the hops, The Brewing Science Institute who is providing the yeast, Ball Corporation who is canning the beer in 19.2 oz. “royal pints,” Strange Brewery Company where test batches were brewed, and, of course, Oskar Blues, the host brewery. Centennial Pale Ale is the essence of Colorado in a can.

As of yet, it’s not certain whether or not Centennial Pale Ale will be available outside of the CBC. CBG representative Steve Kurowski says, “Much of the beer will be used at the conference, but we hope to have a few kegs available to tap at some special account in Denver during the week.” Beer geeks ought to keep their eyes peeled for these Denver tappings; they will be a rare treat indeed.

Oskar Blues volunteered their brewhouse because they were able to accommodate a 50 barrel batch. That tremendous batch size is necessary as the CBC boasts approximately 7,000 attendees, 450+ exhibiting companies and 145 presenters each year.