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Centaur tribal a future possibility

There is TECHNICALLY a Centaur lord - just not one who boosts his own type.

One of Theros block's most popular subthemes thus far is Minotaurs-matter. Minotaurs have been a favorite creature type of Magic players since Alpha's Hurloon Minotaur, and they're a natural fit for Theros's Greek mythology theme, of course. However, Theros is also full of Centaurs - which are equally liked or loved by many players, fill a similar "animal-people" flavor niche and are about equivalent in terms of size and stats, and yet don't have the tribal support that Minotaurs do.

When kurttehwolf asked Mark Rosewater on his Tumblr blog, "While Minotaur tribal is great, I'm surprised there hasn't been any Centaur tribal, given how many there have been in Magic and especially recently (RTR + Theros). Is there just not demand for it like there was for Minotaurs?" he responded:

Who would here would like centaur tribal?

Replies to this were enthusiastic; the post has 114 notes at this time, most of which are in favor of the idea. User nobelphoenix wrote "I would like centaur tribal over minotaurs. Minotaurs are fine too but centaurs are better" while mtgmanabarbs said "I do think that if we’re on a plane where giving a medium-use creature type a lord makes sense, it’s cool to give it a lord, even if it’s just one. When’s the next time a centaur lord will make any sense?"

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