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Census Costs Skyrocket 325% Versus 2000

Our tax dollars hard at work
Our tax dollars hard at work
US Census Bureau


  • chopper 5 years ago

    $47 American dollars for every head counted...................

  • chopper 5 years ago

    it should have cost $.44 cents.

  • J. Ira 5 years ago

    If people returned their Census Forms on time ...
    If people who didn't return their forms didn't resist taking 10 minutes to let an Enumerator ask them for the same information ..

  • Bob Miller 5 years ago

    Take a look at this..

    This is another TOOL for Obama and the Democrats to us in their Re-election Bid.

    Moved to the White House just for this reason.

    Current address and phone number for ALL people.

    Printed in 28 Languages.

    Ads and over hiring, overtime, paid for time not worked.

    It would be interesting to see how many of these workers are low income, criminals, illegal immigrants and an overall general make up of the population .

    I would make a guess with the black unemployment rates tha the Census Bureau 'stacked' the hiring to reflect higher black and Hispanic workers.

    Note how Obama brags about the jobs created!!!

    More lies.. he definitely is a 'snake oil salesman'.

    The heads and managers of this operation SHOULD BE blacklisted from any jobs that are paid for by Taxpayer Money.

  • Majiic12 5 years ago

    Thats hope and chains for ya.

  • Bobert 5 years ago

    Our US Postal Service could have handled about 90% of the census information gathering as part of their federal jobs. What a waste of money.

  • keepthechange 5 years ago

    Hey don't worry that the census cost 325% more...I mean that is really complicated stuff...I am sure something simple like healthcare will probably come in under budget with the huge brain power and practical life experience that is overflowing in the current administration /sarc/!!!!!!!!!

  • Steve in Texas 5 years ago

    Excellent point. To put it another way: what company would hire twice as many workers today to do the same job it did yesterday?


  • MacDaddyWatch 5 years ago

    The incompetent Marxist in the Oval Office has a way of growing things beyond one's wildest imagination. He top's himself every day.

  • Joe 5 years ago

    The post office gets no tax payer bailouts. This should be a well known fact and it has been that way for sometime now. Much like a private company they have to dip into their savings account to makeup the difference when costs outstrip revenue.

    Considering you where able to get this well known fact wrong I have to wonder if you have the ability to be objective and do proper research into the things you write.

  • Author 5 years ago

    The postal service has a $19 Billion deficit and currently receives nearly $100 million annually in government funding. Who do you think pays for the deficit? Wake up Joe!

  • Lanny 5 years ago

    And these are the people we expect to count the population?

  • Chip 5 years ago

    All that money and they still couldn't put together a website so that you could file your Census online? Save postage, save having someone have to enter the data, etc. I guess that would make too much sense.

  • Jim 5 years ago

    Sky-rocketing costs? Like we didn't see THAT coming. Just think about all the people, especially in the inner-cities, that are gonna get counted more than once. Didn't learn a damn thing from the voter registration fiasco, did they? I bet we will have gone from about 300 million to around..... oh lets just say a billion. There has got top be a better way, folks.

  • Wow 5 years ago

    Most of your comments are laughable. What is funny to me is that the 2000 Census funding was done by a democrat as well. Bill Clinton's administration funded and drew the plans of the last census.

    Not to mention that most of you seem to forget that the amount of people who distrust their government has gone up ten fold in the last 8 years... And trying to get those people to return a government questionnaire? Try doing that for the same price.

    And to call Obama a Marxist is even more laughable. Communism and Socialism are quite different, which is null and void in this conversation because Obama is still a capitalist. Balance is needed in capitalism rather than the laissez faire bs that the last admin seem to covet.

  • Try 13571%! 5 years ago

    Before reading my comment, know this: I work for the Census as a Crew Leader. So I'm not making far reaching, baseless assumptions like many of you are.

    As far up and down the chain as I can see, this is just a job. It is not as partisan as your "sources" want you to believe. People here are young, old, left, right, and moreso educated and competent. Stop grasping at nothing and painting in such broad black and white strokes for the sake of polarizing people. People just need work, you know?

    325% is a cute little attention grabbing number, but here's a better one for you: 13,571%
    That's the increase sucked out of all of our pockets when people decide to be lazy or unpatriotic and not participate.

    Here's the irony: I've been in the field, and many of the uncooperative types are devout conservatives — they believe they are being rational and honorable by forgoing the census. It's a new breed of patriotism when it defies what our founding fathers laid out in the constit

  • Author 5 years ago

    I don't begrudge anyone earning a living and supporting their family. I returned my census the day it came and had no problem with providing the data they were looking for.

    What many Americans have a problem with is that the census is for collecting a head count: period. All the other data they are looking for is unconstitutional and that's why so many refuse to provide the information.

    I don;t think anyone would argue that $14.5 billion to count people is rediculous. I assure you that they could go to any number of sources and get an accurate count of the population for a fraction of the cost.

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