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Censorship of Facebook, what's next?

It seems all that is needed to be investigated now by the FBI, is for someone to see another’s posts as offensive. William Hodges has long been a critic of the Obama Administration, but recently while posting a news article, his facebook account was deactivated, and merely 12 hours later an FBI agents and Secret Service Agents interviewed him and all his friends on facebook.

It seems that his posts were offensive to another member, obviously someone whom didn’t share his views. Is this what our country has become? Has the social networking venues such as Facebook, and My Space now become targets of the Obama Administration? It seems that not only did Mr. Hodges get investigated for his posts, but the FBI found that he had donated to Israeli cause, and they viewed that as donating to a questionable cause!

Since when has defending Israel (one of our best allies) become a questionable cause? Obviously the present administration sees Israel differently than all the past administrations. Have we become so politically correct in our actions that ANY comment offends us? I think the bigger question would be is has all dissent been outlawed by this administration, or does it just appear this way?

Actual posts by William Hodges after his account was restored by Facebook:

William Hodges
Facebook has unlocked my account. I was interviewed by the FBI and Secret Service for a week. Apparently, the First Amendment only applies when expressing the intellectual position of those in power. Also, be cautious of the charities you contribute to. If you donate to Israeli causes, you may be considered a "domestic terrorist" by the Obama Administration.

William Hodges
John & Roxanna, sincerely. I made critical statements regarding the Obama Administration. Someone reported me.

William Hodges
Lisa, remember the last evening I was online? I was in the middle of posting news articles when I was booted off of Facebook. In less than twelve hours, the FBI and Secret Service was knocking on my door. It was surreal.


  • JM 5 years ago

    Aren't our tax dollars going to Israel? Someone better interview congress and the president again.

  • Ed 5 years ago

    But all the black underground system beater money goes to the terrorists and that is OK! Jews and Christians have mortal enemies - obviously they cannot admit it!

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