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Cena reigns supreme for the 15th time at WWE Money In The Bank

John Cena is champion again, surviving seven other opponents during Sunday night's WWE Money In The Bank main event.
John Cena is champion again, surviving seven other opponents during Sunday night's WWE Money In The Bank main event.
WWE, Inc.

There was a lot of speculation heading into Sunday night's WWE Money In The Bank pay-per-view event. But by the end of the night, the direction of the company took on a whole new direction and one man climbed the ladder to another title reign.

Prior to the event, fans were treated to an appearance by former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan. He was stripped of the title recently due to injury, and was in attendance to update everyone on his status. When Michael Cole asked him how the recovery process was going, Bryan responded by saying the strength hasn't come back to his arm yet and doctors are talking about the possibility of another surgery. He started to talk about being the frustration of being stripped of the title, when Bo Dallas interrupted him. Bo made jokes about Bryan's neck injury and told him he just needed to "Bo-lieve." Bryan then told him to "Bo-leave" the ring, as the segment ended.

The actual pay-per-view event kicked off with a Tag Team Title match as Jimmy and Jey Uso defended the titles against Erick Rowan and Luke Harper. This was a solid opening match, with the Usos using their speed and flashy style to their advantage, keeping the challengers off guard. The Wyatt Family members were able to do a lot of damage, but in the end was unable to walk away with the gold. The Usos connected on a huge double superplex on Rowan, as Jey pinned him to retain the titles.

Up next is a WWE Divas Title match, as Paige put the title on the line against Naomi. The recent friction between Naomi and longtime friend Cameron continued to escalate throughout this match, as Cameron looked on from ringside. Every time Naomi would find herself on the defensive, Cameron would always have a smile on her face. She would even look unimpressed when Naomi would get in some big moves. Naomi had things well in hand, until an attempt at a split-legged moonsault backfired. Paige was able to get back into the match and floor her with a huge DDT for the win and retain the title.

Recent NXT arrival Adam Rose was up next, followed by his "Rosebuds." He was set for action against Damien Sandow, who has undergone quite the creative change over the last few weeks. He came out dressed as Paul Revere, playing up to the event being held in Boston. He didn't exactly endear himself to the crowd, saying that Boston will always be in the shadow of New York. What followed was a relatively quick match that saw Sandow dominate for several minutes. But after missing a springboard attack, he found himself on the losing end of the match as Rose was able to pick up the win.

Fans were then treated the first of two Money In The Bank ladder matches. This would determine who would receive a shot at the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, as former SHIELD member Seth Rollins stepped into the ring against Rob Van Dam, Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger, Kofi Kingston and Rollins' former teammate Dean Ambrose. This match held every bit of excitement you would expect from the superstars involved in this match.There was even an appearance by the monster known as Kane, who came out and chokeslammed Ambrose. That was the distraction that Rollins was looking for. With Kane holding the ladder in place, Rollins was able to climb to the top and retrieve the briefcase. With the win, Rollins can cash in his briefcase for a shot at the WWE World Heavyweight title anytime in the next year.

The next match featured Goldust and his newest partner Stardust, as they took on the combination of Ryback and Curtis Axel. Communication problems from the team known as RybAxel would factor into this match at the end. As Axel went to charge towards Stardust, he moved and Axel inadvertently collided with his partner. Stardust was able to make the cover and pick up the win.

The Russian bulldozer known as Rusev was ready for action next, as he would face off against Big E. Langston. Rusev's mouthpiece Lana angered the crowd by references of Vladimir Putin, but Langston brought them back to cheers when he came out carrying the American flag. For the first time since his debut, Rusev was unable to simply overpower his opponent. Langston put him to the test, throwing everything he had at the Russian star. But in the end, Rusev would lock in The Accolade and force Langston to submit for the win.

The dancing sensation Fandango came out sporting a referee's shirt, as he would be given the task of officiating a Divas match between Layla and Summer Rae. Fandango had been caught between the two in a bit of a love triangle in recent weeks, as Summer had been trying to rejoin him after he publicly dumped her this past spring. This was somewhat of a quick match, as Layla was able to pick up the win and walk off with Fandango. This left Summer Ray crying in the middle of the ring.

With that said, it was main event time. The second Money In The Bank ladder match was held, to crown a new WWE World Heavyweight Champion. The odds-on favorite to win the match was former SHIELD member Roman Reigns, but he would have to go through Sheamus, Randy Orton, Alberto Del Rio, Cesaro, Bray Wyatt, John Cena, and Kane to get the job done. During the match, Kane had everybody down on the mat after clearing house, but was unable to bring the gold to The Authority (Triple H and Stephanie McMahon). Randy Orton made news in this match, as the brutality of multiple ladders would see him collect 12 staples in his head. Both Reigns and Orton were poised on a ladder ready to try to bring down the briefcase, but Cena wouldn't be denied.

After Kane chokeslammed Reigns off the ladder, he held the ladder in place for a blood-covered Orton to climb up. But Cena intervened, and hit his AA finisher on Kane. He then chased Orton up the ladder and delivered the same to him, dropping him on top of Kane. Cena then made his way up the ladder and grabbed the titles to stake his claim officially as a 15-time World Champion.

Fans were enraged, as nearly everyone in Boston had hoped that Reigns would come out as champion and set up a possible match with Rollins for the gold. But their hopes were dashed as Cena is once again on top of the world. When the "Monday Night Raw" cameras roll live later tonight, you can bet that Cena will utter those famous words, "The HERE!"

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