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Celtic Christianity part four - the Celtic cross

Celtic crosses in Oakley.
Celtic crosses in Oakley.
Wikipedia: Mark Zawisza

Probably the most well-known symbol of Celtic Christianity is the Celtic cross. This type of cross has a ring or circle around its intersection; the same design was often used for the high crosses of Ireland and Britain which were made of richly decorated stone during the Middle Ages. These stone crosses began by the 8th century or earlier; there were probably wooden versions before this, which may have had a metal coating. Notable high crosses in Ireland include those at Carndonagh in County Donegal, Clonmacnoise in County Offaly, and Kells in County Meath. There are also notable Celtic high crosses in Scotland including the Iona Abbey Crosses.

According to legend, Saint Patrick created the Celtic cross by combining the Christian cross with the sun cross, a pagan symbol of a circle with a cross inside it. One interpretation was that this showed the importance of the Christian cross by linking it with the concept of the life-giving properties of the sun. Another interpretation is that the cross on top of the circle represents Christ’s supremacy over the pagan sun.

The 19th and 20th centuries saw a resurgence of interest in Celtic and other insular art; this period is often referred to as the Celtic revival. The Celtic cross became popular for cemetery monuments during this time and its use spread beyond Ireland and the British Isles.

The Celtic cross is currently a popular symbol today which you can see on clothing, jewelry, tattoos, and other items. There is even a contemporary Celtic pop band from Warwick, New York with the name Celtic Cross.

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