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Cellaring wines in Northeast Wisconsin (NEW)

If you followed the last article and now have a place in mind for beginning your wine cellar, you may be wondering how to begin selecting bottles for your cellar. There are a number of factors to take into consideration. White wines are generally not made to cellar, but are made to drink within the first year or two after release. Additionally, they should be stored at a lower temperature than what a non temperature controlled cellar can provide. If you want to store whites, think about investing in an electric wine storage unit. There are plenty of these on the market today. Take placement of the unit into consideration as many of the lower cost units can be noisy. A friendly local wine here in NEW is the Von Stiehl Chenin Blanc.

Wine selection

Reds Are Your Best Bet

Red wines, on the other hand, are generally made in such a manner as to become more balanced over time. Proper storage allows the acids and tannins in red wines to mingle and mellow, giving the wine better mouth feel, mid palate structure and long finish. These are the wines you want to seek for storage. You can stop by Wine Cellar, in De Pere, WI, to check out some nice red wines. Check their Web page first for some discount coupons.


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