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Cellar 58: Where the Women Are



Address: 58 2nd Avenue between 3rd and 4th Streets

Phone Number: 212-420-1300

Website: N/A

We all know that men venture into nightlife looking for women. It’s why we get dressed. It’s why we spend money. It’s why we act the way we do. But where exactly are we looking for these magical creatures? Where can we go to make it easier to find them?

Should we look in sports bars? No. We’ll be too focused on the game there. Can we look in clubs? Sure, but the music might be too loud for talking and some of us really can’t dance. Should we look in exclusive lounges? That’s fine, but it can get really expensive really fast. So is there a better place to look for a cultured, open minded, cosmopolitan lady?

Have you considered a wine bar?

On Friday nights, Jill works behind the bar at Cellar 58. It’s a small dark wine bar decorated with rustic iron and wood furniture and hidden among the bustling traffic of 2nd Ave.It has a good selection of rare wines. It has tapas with unique presentation qualities and good taste. Most importantly, Jill sees groups of women flock to the place every weekend.

"When I look around the room, I wonder why guys don’t come in here to meet women more often. There are usually so many to choose from."

Perhaps we men have misconceptions about wine bars. Cellar 58 is similar to many of them. It’s set up mostly for couples, but it also has a room in the back for larger groups. It does come off as rather upscale when you walk in, especially compared to some of the other venues in the LES, but it’s not pretentious. And although there are a host of wines broken down by country, region, grape and vintage, the staff will help you find something you like, even if you don’t know your tannin from you terrior.

It might be a good idea to visit a place like Cellar 58 before you and your boys go looking for a lady. You might find a wine you like and pretend to know something about wine when you actually meet someone. You might be able to take your new date to a hidden rustic spot. And if Jill is right, you might even be able to meet your new date there…

Have fun.