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Cell phones and male fertility: Cell phones in pants pockets killing off sperm?

Cell phone in pants pocket near the family jewels could hinder the future brood!
Cell phone in pants pocket near the family jewels could hinder the future brood!
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Cell phones may be playing havoc with men's fertility, according to a new study on male fertility and cell phones. If you are one of the millions of men who carry a cell phone in your pants pocket, you might want to rethink that habit if you expect to father a brood one day!

According to NewsOne on June 11, the study, which was just published in the journal Environmental International has shown some correlation between cell phones and the movement and quantity of sperm. The study showed that the men who had no exposure to cell phones had sperm that showed they reached the egg 50 to 85 percent of the time, which is considered the normal rate.

The men who were exposed to the cell phones saw a drop of about eight percent below the normal stats above. Very similar results were also seen with the sperm viability. This means the portion of sperm that were alive declined in the men who were exposed to cell phones.

According to the Huffington Post today, "men may want to consider how closely they store their cell phones to their family jewels. The study which was published on June 9, opens up the possibility of the radio-frequency electromagnetic radiation emitted by the cell phones can harm male fertility. If you are a couple going through fertility treatments, this is one area you might want to take a look at, the cell phone's possible interference in the productivity of your sperm.

The study used 1,492 samples and the end results suggest that there is a correlation in the amount of sperm and the health of the sperm that come from men who store their cell phones in their pants pocket near their male organs. The exposure to the radio-frequency electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones was associated with an average 8.1 percent decrease in sperm motility and an average 9.1 percent decrease in sperm viability. These are numbers high enough to make scientists take notice.

It has only been in the last decade when just about everyone has a cell phone. Before that it was for people who could afford what was once an expensive item to own and operate. Today cell phone cost is way down and available to the average person. Because the saturation of cell phones have just come into play in the last decade, it is not as if there are any long-term studies done on the possible harm that comes along with cell phones.

It is a new field of study in the scope of scientific research. No one can say that their Uncle Fred carried his cell phone in his pants pocket for 50 years without any problems. These phones haven't been in the main-stream that long.

Sperm quality is negatively effected when you carry your cell phone around, suggests this study. This study could be very important to men who are on the borderline of infertility. Removing the cell phone from your groin area could possibly make a big enough difference for those men.

It is not as if a handful of men carry their cell phones in their pockets, the majority of the male cell phone users tote their cell phones along with them all day long and it is usually found in one of the front pants pockets. Another thing about cell phones is that they give off heat and the heat is not good for the quality of the sperm, said an expert guest on "Fox News," Thursday morning. The University of Exeter in England released a statement"

“Given the enormous scale of mobile phone use around the world, the potential role of this environmental exposure needs to be clarified,” study leader Fiona Mathews, of the biosciences department at the University of Exeter.

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