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Cell phones and alzheimers; what we can learn from mice

This family has strict rules about cell phone use
This family has strict rules about cell phone use
AP Photo/Rich Schultz

Cell phone exposure had an unexpected effect on genetically altered mice, say University of South Florida neuroscientists who announced the results of their recent study.  The mice were given alzheimers and some were exposed to cell phone level microwave radiation.  Those receiving the radiation had brain function equal to mice who did not have alzheimers.  Were they cured?

The effects are explained by altered proteins, those associated with alzheimers were broken down.  The possibility of human treatment for alzheimers with mircrowave radiation are, of course, stunning.  But this study also proves what cell phone manufacturers have been denying for years--that cell phone microwave radiation can have tangible effects on the brain.

According to Dr. Joseph Mercola, cell phone manufacturers cut off analysis of data from 1998 to 2003 even though data was available through 2007, and reported findings that cell phone use has no association with brain tumors. Considering the fact that brain tumor latency in many cases is at least 30 years, it is ridiculous to draw conclusions from this study.

Consumers should not take the University of South Florida study on mice as a reason to discard all concerns about cell phone use, especially excessive use by children and teens with developing brains.  It's clear that microwave radiation has effects--beneficial for some, perhaps, but science may someday reveal a more deleterious impact on the brain.


  • Clarice Cook 5 years ago

    This article is informative and enlightening and well written. Unfortunately, there is a downside to all things modern, and there is no turning back. If only inventions, such as the one I'm typing on, could be made with shields that protect the sensitive human body.

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