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Cell phone radiation prevents Alzheimer's disease

The original theory was that cell phone radiation causes health problems; to the contrary, a study from the University of Florida has found preliminary results that the radiation prevents Alzheimer's disease.

The study was done on mice who were pre-disposed towards Alzheimer's. They were exposed to cell-phone radiation for 2 hours per day. Yet these mice were still able to navigate familiar mazes after spending time in a variety of different mazes, showing no sign towards Alzheimer's. The control group that was not exposed did develop Alzheimer's.

The hypothesis is that the radiation prevents the buildup of amyloud plaques, the sticky protein aggregates found in Alzheimer's brains.

The results are merely preliminary, as the study was only performed on mice and not humans. But this leads to hope for a simple method of prevention that just might work.


  • Mark Tinger 4 years ago

    Studies have linked cell phone radiation to health problems such as headaches, high blood pressure, brain tumors, cancer, Alzheimer's, and more. There is a latency period for most diseases and it may take years and more studies before the required weight of evidence is established. But the effects are cumulative and precautions should be taken now before it is too late. There is lot's of more information at