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Cell phone news: Survival tips companies forget to tell you about

Cell phones for most of the population are an item that they just can’t live without. Not only that many are never seen without one either on their belts, in their purses, held in their hands or talking or punching buttons or swiping their fingers over the face of one all day and night long.

Cell phone news: Survival tips companies forget to tell you about

There is some information that the companies you purchase a cell phone from don’t bother to tell you and sometimes that information isn’t even printed in the booklet that comes along in their box. This information is important and can be a life saver and aid as a great tool in case of emergencies.

After gathering this information, write it down and keep a copy of it at home and another copy on your person. When something happens you will always be ready to react.

Survival tips everyone should know about:

In case of emergency dial the worldwide emergency number which is “112” to connect to authorities no matter where you are. This number will connect regardless of the network you use and can also be dialed if the keypad on a phone of another is locked too.

Each cell phone has a reserve on the cell battery it contains. All you have to do to activate the reserve power is to press the keys “*3370#” to alert your phone to slip into the reserve which will increase the charge on your cell battery by fifty percent. Now you will be able to take care of whatever last minute or emergency call you needed to make before going home to charge the battery properly.

Accidents happen and you may have lost your phone or had it stolen. When this happens you can start the process of disabling your phone right away. Check the serial number on your cell phone but tying in the following digits: “#06#”. Then you will see the fifteen digit serial number assigned to your phone. Write that number down and alongside it the phone number of your phone carrier. If your phone is stolen you can use another phone to call in your serial number so the company can disable it. Then when the thief tried to use your phone they can’t charge up a storm because it will no longer function. This also prevents them from selling it to another since it won’t work. You may never get your phone back but knowing the thief won’t be able to use it either is a little satisfaction.

Calling for information can be expensive depending upon what company you have your phone issued from and how they charge for normal 411 calls. To bypass the cost of those inquiries just program this phone number – (800-FREE411) or (800-373-3411) into your cell phone and when you need directory assistance the free number will be easy to access.

Be prepared for any emergency!

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