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Cell Phone Donations to Help Victims of Domestic Violence

Cell phones can provide safety for DV Victims
Cell phones can provide safety for DV Victims

A 911 cell phone can mean the moments between life and death in a violent relationship. A person being abused has a small sense of power when being victimize knowing that they can call help. In partnership with Phones 4 Charity, local domestic violence assistance organization Laura’s House is recycling cell phones to raise essential funds for programs assisting their clients. For each phone donated Laura’s House will receive a donation based on the make/model of the phone.

None of the phones end up in landfills - they either get recycled or reprogrammed for use by domestic abuse victims as 911 phones. It's a great way to support Laura's House, so that they can continue to help the thousands families who rely on us right here in Orange County each year.

Have old cell phones collecting dust? You can donate them at any location on this list.

Want a different way to help? Hold a drive to benefit Laura’s House at your work or school or know a business or workplace that is interested in collecting phones for us? Send an e-mail to get started.